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El Voce
12-03-2009, 12:31 PM
Wow! What a terrific battle last night between two competitive teams (one ranked, one wanting to be). It wasn't always pretty, but the two battled to the very end for regional bragging rights for another year. The real winners? Basketball fans in the state of Washington and throughout the viewing region, who were treated to a memorable game.

Last night's game just whetted my appetite for our next great matchup with the other ranked team in our state. Like everyone else, I just can't wait for it, and it happens next week. Oops, what's that? It doesn't happened next week?? Oh, it must be after Christmas then?? Huh? It's not?? It's not even on the horizon, you say??

How can that be?? How can basketball fans in the region be deprived of the drama and emotion of such a game? Especially after last night's game, can't everyone see how exciting such a game would be??? How can it not be scheduled???

OH! Now I understand. One of the schools got thumped seven times in eight years, so they took their ball and went home. Now, it all makes sense. Deprive the fans (and players) of a great, exciting game because one of the schools is afraid of getting beat...again.

Tis such a shame this game will not take place. Worry not about the fans, Lorenzo, and have yourself a safe and merry Christmas.

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5 stars!

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Tis the season for a Romar burn! Lookout--they are actually playing a semi-decent team (Texas Tech) and it's at Texas Tech! They must have agreed to play the next seven games at the Key Arena, with split tickets of course. No wait, this is part of the Pac10/Big12 Hardwood Series (should be an easy year for the Big12 except for the team that plays the Cougs).

Tipoff for the Chickens vs. Texas Tech in about 15 minutes on ESPN2--don't worry, Lorenzo, it will all be over soon enough and you can fly back to your security blanket until conference play starts.