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11-10-2009, 07:02 PM
on 101.1 FM 7pm, tommy Lloyd and Kelly Graves will be on.

11-10-2009, 07:52 PM
• Tom Lloyd: We're attacking this season like we did last year. were planning to go to Michigan state and scrap out a win.

• Kelly Graves: courtney vandersloot has been named the number one p.g. in the nation

• TL: on depth, good and bad. we have alot young guys competing. our thing is if they are making the small steps and learning the intricacies, if they are, we feel good about it.

• TL - guys fighting for p.t. ? yeah. never had to play so many young guys. we have a pretty solidified starting 5. 4th & 5th perimeter players and so forth are looking for p.t., too, yeah, lotta conversations re how that's going to play out.

• TL: q - how's the p.t. working underneath ? L -we look at a game as 80 mins. of p.t. We've gotta decide how much can they (RS & EH) chew up. third big good for 20. 4th big 8-10 mins. so we been weighing it out. Do we wanna redshirt someone ? or play it out ? now you got 3-4 sharing 8 mins. that's difficult.

• KG - re subs and bench strength & p.t. for women. G - "We have to preach team concept. all about the team. we say it matters who finishes, not who starts. we have similar philosophy on our minutes (p.t.) chart (as men's team). one luxury we have is versatility. redmon played 1-4 positions in our exhibiiton game. vivian, too, has played em all. we have the luxury and can juggle depending on opponent. but throughout the year, the depth is a good and a bad thing, as tommy says. We've never had better practices. we don't go long (about 2 hrs) but they are intense. we're not teaching as much this year. and we've asked our frosh to move faster and make sure they play at a higher level.

• KG- re youngsters, what expect ? Sure, megan winters, came in the other night and did real well. she may be after tiffany, our 3 pt shooter. caitlin Peterson is going to be special. She's terrific. she guards courtney in practice has great court visiion and is going to be good in time.

•#TL - new faces , been surprised by anyone ? feel good about where they all are. scratch your head, too. GJ has flipped the switch, played great vs TX. didn't make mistakes. got the ball to Matt & Steven. KO is really developing. Manny played great. His challenge is to bring it every day in practice. Harris is a tremendous player. lotta experience. Gibbs and Poling been great, too, and make great role players. We're happy with em all, wish we didn't have em all at once.

re sam: 14 shots in 17 minutes, we call him slinging sam. he can shoot 3's, pick and pop and there were lots of shots to be found. He found them.

• KG - Heather is pushing up againt the conference historical high scoring record this year. Courtney can score as well as dish, too. so scoring isn't going to be an issue. consistency is what were looking for. we've had 7 players who have scored 20+ in a game. but consistency is the key. 12 and 6 every game would be great.

• TL: expecting matt and steven to take care of Off? "interesting how it plays. if they ave. 14-15 night, it'd be nice to get MB and SG up there and spread the rest. last year we had 7-8 who could score 20 in a game. but the question was at crunch time who is going to finish the game for us ? that was an issue last year and that is where MB stepped up and tried. we have to solve that again this year. hopefully its MB, but maybe it'll be RS or elias. we don't know yet.

re: RS - his development has been great, recruited all over the country, and he came to Gonzaga. He came in without much experience, nightly competition. He's at a point now where he's ready for a break out year. there are some unknowns. We have to see what happens under the lights when the situaiton is different. we'll see.

• KG: re opening games & pack the kennel program.season tix and marketing push has been exciting. usc will be here. they're loaded. and the huskies, the men's team won't play our guys so we're going to take on the lady huskies

• TL: re sked: wake, michigan st, duke , ok memphis, Ill - toughest year ? well, for us, our kids come to GU to play in those kinds of games. our philosophy is to put us in a posiiton to get a post season bid. if we play and ake care of business, that seems to put us in good favor with NCAA and this is one of our goals.

KG: we have the same philosophy as the men's team. we take on the tough schedules to build our resume" and play after the school year. we want to play the best. and that's what we do. we've got not just big names but pretty darn good teams at all levels this year.

Go TEAM Zags !

11-10-2009, 08:03 PM
the coaches show was originally listed to be live on All Access but it wouldn't play. Later, it was removed from the schedule. Anyone know what happened?

11-10-2009, 08:12 PM
For those of us out of range, thanks for the synopsis gamagin! You must have fast fingers to transcribe like that. ;)

11-10-2009, 08:24 PM
• KG: re opening games & pack the kennel program.season tix and marketing push has been exciting. usc will be here. they're loaded. and the huskies, the men's team won't play our guys so we're going to take on the lady huskies

Go TEAM Zags !

OK, Zag women are at 34 on the AP top 25 (http://www.cbssports.com/ncaawbasketball/polls/ap). USC women are at about 32. Now the surprise to me is the team the Zag women play this next Friday the 13th is South Dakota State. They are currently 16 on the same AP top 25. If our gals win Friday the next poll might look different.

Very nice job, gamagin!!!

11-10-2009, 08:37 PM
I really appreciate the update.

Interesting comment about Manny "bringing it to practice" everyday. Was the implication he needs to work harder in practice? Seems to be out of character with a guy everyone is saying goes all out every game.

11-10-2009, 09:39 PM
When is the last time the girls have been ranked higher than the guys? Way to go Coach Graves!!