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11-06-2009, 01:02 PM
by Ryan McGee. Hits, Hopes, and History at the College World Series. I fyou love Collegiate Baseball ,you'll love this book. Just a few quotes;
Wow, the same mound that was a launching Pad for a kid named Dave Winfield who struck out twenty-nine batters in two days pitching for Minnesota in the summer of '73. Eight years later that pile of dirt was the ring in which Frank Viola of St. Johns and Yales Ron Darling dueled it out for eleven shutout innings, carrying dual shutouts into the twelfth when St. Johns pushed home a score. The game was so moving that Hall of Famer Smokey Joe Wood, who had pitched against Christy Mathewson and been a teammate of Cy Young saida better game had never be thrown in baseball history. Barry Bonds, Pete Incaviglia, Georgia Tech's Nomar Garciapara, USC's Roy Smalley, Long Beach state's Jason Giambi and Minnesota;s Paul Molitor,played at Rosenblatt, but for every future big League superstar there were hundreds of young Collegiate heros of whom most people have never heard,kids who became school principals, insurance salesman, Priests, Docters, and used car salesmen.Like Fritz Fisher who pitched eleven innings and cracked a game tying triple to help lead Michigan to the '62 Title, and then became a Band vice President in Toledo, freshman pitcher Brett Laxton forced to start the '93 championship game because 'his LSU Tigers were out of pitchers and responded by fanning sixteen Wichita State batters to win the title and pitch the first championship shut out in thirty-three years. the Zags will make to Rosenblatt too, just wait and see! Read this book, you will love it.