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10-26-2009, 09:03 AM
The Team. Split up and divided into two groups, the guys looked a bit ragged, which is nothing new.

But you have to think if you put the best 5 on the court, instead of the best 10 divvied up, there will be a notable up-tick in performance. Meech, Bouldin, Gray, Harris, Sacre to start, perhaps, with Arop, Poling, Gibbs and Vilarino ready to rotate in.

The team will be much better than its individual parts.

Few is now stressing roles and playing to each guy's strengths. Man, I don't recall better strategy by the staff. Keeping things simple, going slow and patient with learning the system, and now defining roles and playing to the strengths of each guy... These things are exactly what the doctor ordered for this team.

Look for a noticeable jump Nov. 2, but it'll be the Nov. 7 scrimmage vs Texas that will do the most towards roles and strengths.

Strengths of each player... Anyone care to give their thumbnail sketch of what each Zag's strengths are? Post below.

10-26-2009, 09:47 AM
Meech , G.J., Arop, speed merchants who should be able to take it to the hole
press on defense, and create havoc in general. Matt,Steven & Grant,all have the ability to light it up from the outside and post up themselves at times.
Most of all of these guys can pass,Matty & Grant perhaps the best in this area.
Summing it up, IMHO this group of Guards is the deepest most versatile bunch on the whole, we have ever had at once and Few should be able to mix and match to his hearts content causing no end of problems for the opposition.
Inside I would think Elias Harris and Andy will have to shoulder the scoring load , with Rob & Will getting just enough touches to keep the opposition honest. If any combination we play at the pivot can between them grab at least a dozen boards , get a few good blocks ,score ten to twelve points , set good hard screens, and feed the cutters , they will have done their job. Between Rob and a rejuvunated Will I think that can be done consistantly. As for Dower, Kelly, Bol(who could be the wild card?) David and the rest I would have to say how much they play or who will red shirt
will depend on their learning curve and the need for them. Its going to be a fun season, we'll probably be shaking our fists at spectacular goofs and shaking our heads in amazement at spectacular plays by the same guy we just yelled at. Thats just my opinion , one of many and all equally valid. GoZags! And I echo ZN's take on the Pep Band , they are Great!!

10-26-2009, 10:26 AM
So what's going on with Bol? BZ doesn't list him in the top 9.

10-26-2009, 10:45 AM
From what I can gether , its a combination of nursing a foot injury, and the discovery that while Bol is a good player now and will continue to improve down the line, unfortunately for us, he doesn't
wear a Cape, sport an "S" on his chest, or change in a phone booth?
Did'nt some great Coach say; the best thing about freshmen is that one day they will be sophmores ?" These kids will all do fine , it just won't happen overnight.

10-26-2009, 10:55 AM
So what's going on with Bol? BZ doesn't list him in the top 9.

Until I see him actually play, I can't comment. Video clips from years ago just don't cut it now that he's here.

10-26-2009, 11:21 AM
Matt Bouldin: Matt is a great all-around player. He can do it all (shoot the 3, create shots for himself especially by driving to the hoop). He is a good foul shooter. An excellent passer with high basketball IQ and excellent court vision. A team player, who needs to take on more responsibility in scoring this year. He can do that.

Gray: A great outside shooter, with increasing ability to create shots for himself. He is learning to attack the basket like Matt does. A very good foul shooter too. I think he's a pretty good defensive player, and can really leap. He has the best vertical jump on the team. This will help him to cover a 4 or 3 when needed. He can rebound when needed.

Meech: Speed and quickness. Creates shots for himself with his speed. A good passer, and needs to get a lilttle better. It looks like his outside shot is going to be part of his arsenal, which is great. I think he will average sllightly more than Pargo did last year. I say 11 or 12 ppgame. He's an excellent defender and will help keep guards out of the lane, and take away 3 pt shots which the Zags have had great difficulty doing.

Sacre: Tall and athletic. He's 7'0" and I like that. I like his athleticism. He is a good rebounder and a very good foul shooter. His athleticism will really help him around the basket. Our guards will be very good penetrators, and I look for them to dish to Rob for many dunks. I also think he will be able to run the floor like Josh did. I think he has good speed up the court. This will add a dunk or two a game. Rob is a leader with lots of excitement and positive energy. He is maturing by the week. I look for him to average around 10 ppg. Maybe slightly above or slightly under. He will develop and improve week by week.

Harris: From looking at his stats on Saturday, and studying the print about him, I think his strength is his athleticism and his quckness to the basket and ability to finish inside (something Austin could not do). He was the second leading scorer on Saturday, and I believe he does have the ability to score in double figures. I think he will fill the whole left by Daye's departure quite nicely. My impression of him is that he's active on both ends of the court, as well as on the glass. He's called THE BEAST.

GJ He will fill in for Meech very well, and at times may play along side of Goodson, as Goodson played along side of Pargo at times last year. Like Meech he is fast, and will be able to help defend opposing guards when needed. We will not loose much when he subs in for Meech and I think that is monumental. His quickness helps him get free to drive to the whole, and his leaping ability should help him be able to finish in the paint.

Arop: Very athletic with a beautiful fall-way jump shot from 8-15 feet inside. A great leaper and gets up on his jump shot which makes him very difficult to defend. He appears to be good on defense, and I think he picked someone pockets for a nice dunk in the scrimmage, and should be able to help on the boards. He will be a good scorer off the bench. I think he's capable of having a couple of 20 point scoring games. He is capable of hiting the 3 pt shot as well, from what I saw this summer.

I am happy, very happy, with the reports that came in on Gibbs Saturday night and Sunday. This is a plus, and something I did not plan for. Gibbs is a very good outside shooter as he demonstrated Saturday. He has been described as a tough kid and likes to play defense. He showed Pendo like hustle and desire to get get down on the floor in the scrimmage Saturday, and this will continue to win the hearts of Zag fans (as Pendo did). Gibbs has a high basketball IQ and is already to be setting himself up to get some quality playing time. Coaches love hustle and desire. And if he can shoot as Gibbs proved, he's going to be able to help the Zags, and especially if Steven continues to lack the hustle and desire that Few needs from him.

Andy Poling: Good ofensive skill down low, and can shoot up to 12 feet. He appeared to be ahead of Sacre offensively, and according to the stats I saw he did a good job rebounding and well. I'm glad to see him pushing Rob, and Andy looks llike he will either start or be a good back up at center, and I think may be able to play some at the 4. He has added bulk to his 6' 10" frame. He weighs around 235 which will not be bad at all down low.

Olynyk/Dower: Olynyk appears ahead of Dower, according to how I read the reports of the scrimmage Saturday. Olynyk is a very good outside scorer and Dower a good inside scorer with a good hook shot. I think Olynyk can play a couple of positions (3 and 4) and that will help him. Because both of these guys are in need of putting on strength and weight they could both redshirt. I was thinking that mabe Kong could play some 4, but if is not going to be playing I think Olynyk will not red shirt. Maybe it will be kong and Dower who redshirt.

Kong....I don't know enough about him to comment. Reports that I've red say he is a very good offensive player, and has a knack for scoring. I really don't know what's going on with him, as I think no one else does either accept Few.

Will Foster. Seems to have improved especially his attitude. Will is a very good defender inside, and was, I am sure, part of the reason Sacre had a diffiuclt time scoring Saturday. Will is a good defensive rebounder as well. Will can make a difference on D, and will get some playing time.

Right now I see a 9-10 man rotation. I think two guys, between Olynyk, Dower and Kong, will red-shirt.

10-26-2009, 12:06 PM
Further to BZ's question about primary strengths:

Sacre/Will - boards, clogging middle, swats

Poling - high and low post offense

Meech - floor general, driving to finish or dish, defense

GC - driving to finish or dish, defense

Bouldin/Gray/Gibbs - outside bombs, occassional post ups, passing

Harris - mid- to inside-offense, rebounds

Arop - mid-range offense, rebounds, defense

Kong - mid-range offense?

Obviously everyone has a load of talent and can do many things, but in keeping with Few's plan these seem like the "strengths" to me

10-26-2009, 01:25 PM
Not sure what anyone's strengths will be other than Grey, Bouldin and Meech. I haven't seen enough of them play and not able to judge by Youtube video.

10-26-2009, 03:52 PM
Reading a lot of what has been posted after the Kraziness, one would think that this team is going to be competing with NJIT for worst team in the NCAA :lmao: Now, I realize, I am usually rather pessimistic, but I think that this group is going to be good, but it might be until the conference schedule for it to start gelling. But then I could be dead wrong :p

10-26-2009, 05:30 PM
Mr. Gibbs,
Hustle, teamwork, hard nosed, vocal floor leader, good passer, good shooter, good rebounder, good defender. What a pleasant surprise.

Go!! Zags!!!