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09-21-2009, 06:44 AM
From Christophe at EuropeanProspects.com (http://www.europeanprospects.com/1989-born/guard-1989-born/antoine-diot/eurobasket-2009-the-nba-draft-candidates/):
The Eurobasket 2009 is history now and I take a look at the players that can be considered as the most interesting prospects of the tournament. The players featured in the article are those that are still potentially NBA Draft candidates, so all the players born in 1988 or earlier but not drafted yet.


Elias Harris (2m01 Forward 1989 Germany Gonzaga)

Elias Harris was a major factor in the preparation games for the Eurobasket as well as during the 1st round. But since the game against Greece, his playing time was reduced (his PT went up steadily through the first 4 games from 11 to 23 minutes but then fall to 6 and then 4 minutes in the last two games). This was probably the result of the emergence of Lucca Staiger late in the Eurobasket as Coach Bauermann used Harris mainly as back-up on the SG position, the same spot that occupied Staiger.

The usage as SG backup was one of the big surprises that Bauermann created with this young German team as Harris was so far considered as a PF who may play SF one day if he improves his shot. The problem was that with his size (2m01), he is a bit short to guard European PF so that the German coaches decided to play him as defensive stopper against the opposing guards, something he did very well through his excellent physical and athletic abilities. Offensively though, he was not a real option with the team this year, maybe because he had to play a position that was unusual for him. When joining Gonzaga this fall, it will be interesting to see how the College coaches will use him and what will be the future position of Harris.

Stats: 2.2ppg 2.3rpg

09-21-2009, 06:55 AM
Interesting, SG is something that Harris will never see at Gonzaga. The term defensive stopper is one that is much needed at Gonzaga.

09-21-2009, 08:02 AM
The term defensive stopper is one that is much needed at Gonzaga.

The Zags have a couple of guys who might turn out to be real good ones in Meech Goodson and Manny Arop.