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04-04-2007, 02:22 PM
Big Ed sent this to me a few weeks ago, asking me to post it. He will be in an episode of "Ugly Betty" this month (April) as well.

Put Him In!
By Eric Edelstein

Tonight I was able to watch Kobe Bryant score 65 points in an NBA ballgame against the Portland Trailblazers. It is the lead story on the news, and on Sportscenter as well. But me, I could give a damn. All I cared about was the beautiful six minutes and eighteen seconds when Dan Dickau was in the game. The statline he had wouldn't blow you away, two assists and oh for one from the field, but every minute Dan is in the game I am beyond fired up. I yell when he gets in. I get some looks, but I feel safe. LA fans are sorely lacking passion and knowledge, and they don't know I can't really back up anything fightwise despite my offensive lineman's physique. My yelling makes Dan even more of a target. I don't care, because everytime he proves me right. Like last month when he led Portland to two upset wins over The Lakers and Jazz becuase of an injury to Sergio Rodriguez. Or the previous month when Jarrett Jack got in a pregame car accident and Dan got a spot start. Another W. Or the one time he finally got a chance to play during his year with New Orleans and he dominated every night. Bottom line, after a short while all the "Did they put in a ballboy?" and "His name has Dick in it!" hecklers shut up. And I give them just a little smile. A reporter figured it out recently as well, figuring out that the Blazers have a .700 winning percentage when Dan plays eight or more minutes. All the guy does is win. But I digress...back to tonight. With this Rodriguez guy back healthy, Dan has been buried on the bench the last couple weeks. The Lakers are looking strong, up by two. Then a stirring from the Blazer bench, and Dan get's ready to check in. He gets in and the team looks different again. Wow, are they actually running an offense? Assist. Assist. Then he tries to draw a charge on Kobe and Dan just isn't going to get that call. He is pulled (having had the gall to give up 3 of what would be 65 points) but the Blazers are now up four. The game would quickly go downhill from there for the boys from Portland. Kobe is putting up shot after shot and they fall in. He screams for the ball time and time again and he makes shots that would make you scream "The computers cheating!" if it were Playstation. Watching the NBA makes me miss my days at The Kennel even more. Where's Nilson? Floyd? Spink? Someone with some passion, please! My buddy Jake calls me with some interesting info, "E, watch the Lakers bench. They aren't cheering or anything for Kobe." Sure enough, with each improbable Bryant make, the whole bench (with the exception of Sasha Vujacic) is expressionless. After Kobe ignores two open teammates and makes a fall away three despite being triple teamed I think I can actually see Aaron McKie shake his head and exchange looks with Shammond Williams. They sure don't seem to like the guy. When Lamar Odom has the nerve to hit a three Kobe screams at his teammates for not passing it to him. I swear I saw it. Dan got me good seats. Whatever man. My stomach hurts because I know The Blazers are a better team when Dan Dickau is on the floor, but The NBA is always looking for a freakish athlete with a 37 inch vertical or a cyborg body. A will to win and heart can't be measured with statistics or in a pre-draft combine and it's just too bad. It is a sad world when Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson are given chance after chance and Richie Frahm is stuck somewhere in Italy called Treviso. Teams win because of heart, smarts, and chemistry. That's why the Zags routinely beat teams that have superior athletes. That's why Dan Dickau should be playing major minutes every night, especially for the team he grew up rooting for. It's also nice to see that Dan hasn't changed one iota. I mean, if I was in the NBA I would wear a cape, a "Big Ed" medallion, and roll everywhere with a gaggle of rap video dancers. Not Dan. He's the exact same guy I picked up at the airport on his recruiting trip. I see his teammates jumping into limos with their posse while we get in my beat up Sebring with a convertable top that won't go up. Then we get crazy. We usually end up at Jamba Juice, Cheesecake factory, and Barnes and Noble, where Dan gets books about business and Christianity. Somehow I doubt that's what happens when most NBA players visit La La Land. I love it. And despite whatever is happening now, I know Dan will get his shot again. He is somehow quicker and faster after his Achilles surgery than he has been since his GU days. His time will come again, bet on it. I just wish it was tonight. I would have loved to have seen Kobe get 65 in a loss.

04-04-2007, 02:37 PM
Dan gets another chance? Hasn't the word got around? We're overly optimistic here.

Man, I really enjoyed reading this. Grazia.

04-04-2007, 02:38 PM
Thanks BZ (and Ed ...).

04-04-2007, 04:00 PM
Thanks, nice info. I miss the good old GU tv and the crazy student commercials. Everything was fun and informal back when cinderella was scrubbing the floor.

04-04-2007, 09:26 PM
I often forget what a great player, person and Zag Dan is. He is one in a long line of Zag greats that make me proud of our school. Win or loose.

04-05-2007, 11:14 PM
I know this isn't the point of the article, but I don't really like the anti-Kobe tone here. First, the relationship between Ronny and Kobe sort of belies the argument that even his own teammates detest Kobe. Second, national TV broadcasts have had cameras trained on the Lakers bench since the beginning of the season to monitor the celebratory attitude of the Lakers' bench, as led by Ronny himself.

I loved Ed when he was here and I think he's a great representative of the GU community. I just take issue with the incessant Kobe bashing.

04-06-2007, 07:30 AM
You're right, DrD, regarding Kobe. I went on to Sportsline MB's and had a big argument with some hateful morons and I was stating that Kobe is a better teammate than people think. I've seen him be genuinely excited many times when his teammates do well. The fact that he and Ronny get along so famously is no small thing... if nothing else, Kobe is a good judge of character.

Could he work on his court vision and awareness? Yes. Taking an off-the-dribble fadeaway from the baseline at 18 feet is makeable for him, but... drop off passes for wide-open dunks by Luke Walton or Lamar Odom are much more makeable. I don't believe it's selfishness. He does not feel the defense well enough to know when to pass.

04-07-2007, 02:22 AM
kobe gets bashed for no reason other than hes that damn good. secondly regarding danny... oh yeah, him proving himself time and time again, pnly to get traded. ANOTHER reason i dont watch the nba... ;)