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Zag 77
04-15-2009, 02:06 PM
Here is the official version:


Why can't the Jesuits in the Oregon Province leave well-enough alone? The school is flourishing and he is nationally recognized. The Board of Trustees don't want him to leave. When he was made president of GU, the search committee had a hard time finding any candidates. Same thing now.

The Society does not like his theology (orthodox), so out the door he goes. Meanwhile, Fr. Sundborg at SU continues to remain President at SU even though he has been there for a longer term than Spitzer at GU. However, Sundborg has good liberal tendencies, so he is left in place.

I know that the faculty whines about Spitzer, but really, every college faculty whines about something.

04-16-2009, 04:42 AM
Is this "limited term in office" reasoning something that's unique to just the Oregon Province, or are there other Jesuit provinces that have it, or did an order come from the top, like a Superior General? After all, Locatelli was at SCU for a long, long time since '88 or '89 and that province didn't seem to have a problem with it (http://www.scu.edu/president/legacy/in-your-words.cfm).

Seems like Fr. Lee has inherited a lot on his plate as it is (http://newsminer.com/news/2009/feb/18/oregon-jesuit-province-files-bankruptcy/); a Presidential search that needs to start all over again at a college that's become an identifiable "name brand" institution should not add to that crowded plate. I'd hoped that if the term limits notion that was pronounced by Fr. Whitney was more his own idea than that of others, then the notion might depart along with him when he left to make way for Fr. Lee.

If the search can't find a qualified Jesuit, do the governing documents get amended to allow for a lay President? That becomes a real soul-searching experience for a college, as this Jesuit's article about Georgetown's decision to install a person from the laity (http://www.thehoya.com/node/11883) describes. (The author of the piece later went on to a college Presidency himself, taking "Jack" the mascot -- who he'd raised since puppyhood while living in New South among the students at the Hilltop -- to his new post! Where he is enormously popular b/t/w and getting major-league experience in both leading & building up an institution. Methinks he might be on some kind of "grooming track" for a larger university in the future.)

Those who regularly attend them report that it's definitely a bit "different" to have John Carroll Alumni Weekends annually at which the institutional President is not able to preside at the Mass ... but the reaction to that change seems confined more to "older generation" than younger. And it's not so much negative reaction as it is "nostalgic" sadness about dwindling numbers.