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04-15-2009, 12:12 PM
I posted this on another site, but I thought I would post this here too, to see what you guys think, and maybe you could add on to this as well.

Not only that, but this Bol Kong wait is killing me!

OK, this is what I have to say about next year... I don't think it'll be one of those "rebuilding" years, but we will be "reloading, or keeping it together" for the most part....

Here is what I envision the starting 5 will be, since I think Austin Daye will stay with the Zags...

PG: Demetri Goodson - Hit the game winner against Western Kentucky. Great defender, shouldn't be much of a transition, from coming off the bench, to starting. I really think he can lead this offense, as he is a good ball handler and a smart passer. I don't see much of a problem here....

SG: This could be Stephen Gray's time to shine. Remember when he was a freshman, with that broken hand? He went off like crazy in that Davidson game that same year, getting 7 threes. He also had a ton of threes this year. Great role player, and still is our premiere three point attack. I see this as a good experienced player, that will soon take over.

SF: Matt Bouldin. The bread and butter of the lineup. He will only get better, playing now as a Senior, and this senior leadership will carry us a LONG way to see how far we go in the tournament. Great scrappy player that forces turnovers and gets the easy backdoor cut for the easy deuce. Everything will still be run through Bouldin, though.

PF: Assuming he comes back, Austin Daye will be here at the protein bar (maybe) He really needs to strengthen up a bit, but I have been saying this for two years now, and he still hasn't really done it. Although he can block shots, and still get a few rebounds, I am not sure how he will look next year. Hopefully he comes to practice stronger than ever. Just don't take the roids. Do it by sacrifice kid!!!! (LOL!)

C: After missing him for the good part of the year due to injury, and trying not to risk it all, Mark Few sat him on the bench this past season, even after the doctors told him he could play. Robert Sacre, will probably be the starter of Sam Dower, our incoming freshman. I think he too is a scrappy player, who can make shots when we need him. Although undersized a bit, he still fits the mold of a college center, so I think he will get most of the playing time.

Key Bench:

1. Bol Kong- If he can get his Visa to enter the United States, he might slip up to the starting position over Stephen Gray. He is a "franchise NBA player" says Mark Few and a lot of other NBA, and collegiate scouts. I really do believe he will come to Spokane and steal that bid from Gray, but I won't make it official until we get word from the people in Spokane, and the United States Government.

2. Sam Dower. Listed at 6'9 220 pounds, this big man will probably more than likely either be redshirted, or he will play behind Robert Sacre, who in turn will make our depth even more so competitive. There is a lot to be said about the overall skills this team will have, but I have to see them in action, first. He is ranked by ESPN the #21 Center in the country. That is pretty good for us.

3. Will Foster? If Sam Dower is redshirted, (or maybe not, I could be wrong...) Then Will Foster will play behind Sacre. I don't think Foster is a legit starter, and his basketball IQ isn't necessarilly what you expect from a big man. Maybe he can come in and back up Sacre, like he did to Heytvelt, but at this point, its hard to tell.

4. Grant Gibbs (redshirt freshman) - Redshirted this past year, he was labled as a "Point Guard that could take over a team" Well, not as great as a defender as Goodson, but this will be an open competition, in my mind with Goodson, and I think Goodson wins, by his overall performance from this past year. That is just my opinion for now.

5. Magnisto Arop - A shooting guard from Minnesota, who could be really good when placed into Mark Few's system, there could be a wide range of things happen. If Bol Kong doesn't get his Visa to the US, you could see Arop starting at the 2 guard. Right now, I have Stepehn Gray listed there starting because he has the experience, but I think he is better as the 6th man. I think Arop could be helpful, but he might be redshirted, as well. You never know with Few. (Listed as the #53 guard, which is REALLY good for us)

That is all I got for now. As the season comes closer to rolling around, I will no MUCH more about the starting lineups, and the freshman. I think we could very well make a run next year in the NCAA tournament, but at the same time, with Saint Mary's, and Portland coming together, I think we will have a MUCH harder time winning the WCC than usual. This is going to be one of the harder years to win this conference, since there are 3 good teams this year. Hopefully we pull together and win it again!


04-15-2009, 12:53 PM
I agree with your starting lineup, but disagree with your bench.

The staff is in love with Elias Harris. And I think Poling will have a big impact, as well as Mangisto. Dower and Gibbs seem like they will have to wait a year before they make their impact, IMO. Both can play, but we have guys in front of them at the SG and PF position.


1. Elias Harris
2. Bol Kong
3. Andy Poling
4. Manny Arop
5. Sam Dower
6. Grant Gibbs

Mark Few just needs to pick out a set rotation with 3 or maybe 4 of the "bench" guys added with the starters by the time the season rolls around.

04-15-2009, 01:41 PM
Wow! Few actually said Kong is an NBA franchise player??? Where did you get that quote from? If he said that he must expect he will only be here for one year.

04-15-2009, 01:58 PM
I like what I read there but you said Sacre is undersized. I don't think that is accurate.

04-15-2009, 02:08 PM
One of the things I'm most curious about is whether one of Arop, Kong or Harris will manage to outplay Gray and take a starting spot from him by midyear, leading to Matt going back to the 2, and Gray getting the spot of first off the bench and acting as backup PG. I love Gray, but the 3 of them all have excellent skills as a wing player, while Gray and Bouldin are both more 2s. This will certainly be the deepest we've ever been in the 2/3 area, with all five of the guys I've mentioned, and I haven't even included Gibbs, who I just don't know enough about to tell where he fits in.

edit: I'm also curious to see if one of Dower or Poling is good enough to start at the 4, thus moving Daye to the 3 and creating even more of a logjam. It'll be a fascinating season.

04-15-2009, 03:23 PM
Mangisto is from Canada.
Elias Harris is generally considered to be the immediate gem of the class.

A fun post to read, tho.

04-15-2009, 03:27 PM
The battle for playing time will make this a better team ultimately. I't been reported that Micah had to win back his starting spot in practice this years. IF so I'd expect that the staff treats the whole team that way this year. It may be the case that Daye moving to 3 is best for the team. Will be interesting.

04-15-2009, 04:02 PM
With the program having so many new players in it - and I consider Poling and Gibbs to be new because they don't have a lick of D-1 experience - it's going to be very hard to redshirt anyone. Redshirting decisions are a lot easier when you have a big group of experienced players returning. Gonzaga had that luxury last season. They don't this year. The only way the decision will become easier is if Harris and Kong perform like elite level freshmen....and even then it's going to be a hard decision to make.

04-15-2009, 05:29 PM
Wow! Few actually said Kong is an NBA franchise player??? Where did you get that quote from? If he said that he must expect he will only be here for one year.

Coaches can only comment on a Prospective Student Athlete if a National Letter of Intent has been received or if the PSA has enrolled and is actually taking classes.

I haven't seen an official Press Release on Bol Kong/Gonzaga.

Thus, I'm very interested in seeing the link to Coach Few's comments about Kong being a "franchise NBA player". If one can be provided (or better yet -- a youtube clip of him saying it) then that means one of two things -- a) Kong HAS signed and will definately be coming or b) An NCAA violation has been committed.