View Full Version : Should be a great off-season.

03-30-2009, 09:23 AM
With the starting line-up decided upon and the minutes already allotted here on the board, Coach Few can spend the whole summer fishing, running camps to improve the limited skills of the OTHERS , and recuiting the next wave of instant STARTERS. I could have sworn the Matt was Colorado"s "Mr. Basketball, Grant Gibbbs was Iowa's Mr. Basketball, and until his illness Andy was credited with having the best offensive post skills of any big we have recruited. Evidently now that Dower, Bol Kong, Arop, and others are here, Matty, Grant, and Andy can just resign themelves to being role players and as for poor Will, we might agree to let him walk on, if he stays out of sight. "Oh fame, what a fleeting thing you are."

03-30-2009, 10:00 AM
This may be the most intense off-season we have had at GU for a long time. There are three starting positions that are wide open. That is a lot. I can almost see the fireworks starting already. One of the most exciting things about college athletics is that at some point there are always going to be a lot of new guys that come into the progaram. I think that's why college sports are so poplular. It isn't the same old guys year after year after year as we have in professional sports.

I am so anxious and excited to see our new guys. This next season will be so exciting for us all because there are so many who will be on the team. I'm anxious to see Gibbs and Poling, and the same for our new kids coming in: Arop, Kong, Dower, Harris, and I've forgotten one darn it. It's going to be fun guys. I have NO DOUBTS that Gonzaga will be very good once again. The fun part is wondering how good they will be.:)

03-30-2009, 10:18 AM
What do you expect us fans to do for the 7 month off-season? I am pretty sure NO ONE has called or considered Matty a role player. Everyone has him in their starting lineup. Bouldin will be the star of the team, along with Gray and Daye. People like this recruiting class because they are long and really athletic. Trust me everyone likes Andy and Gibbs, it's just hard not to get excited with what we will have next year. Pretty much every year, actually.