View Full Version : It really was a fabulous season

Zag 77
03-27-2009, 08:45 PM
I don't want to see any negativity. We went 28-6, won a league title and went to the Sweet 16.

The future looks bright and we had 5 great seniors complete their careers and become better persons in their time at GU.

I just want to thank the Zags for all they did this year.

03-27-2009, 08:53 PM
Good team and great kids. We'll have to get it done another year. We di suck the big one tonight though. But we love the kids. More to life than basketball. The kids are prepared for the life they will build. Make a difference guys.......you sure did while you were here with us.

03-27-2009, 09:03 PM
Yes, absolutely great year! Won the premier non-conf tourney, went undefeated in league, and won the conf tourney in impressive fashion. Then won two NCAA tourney games to make the sweet 16 for the 5 time in 11 years before they lost to the most talented team in the country. Great, great year and I loved watching the development of Pargo, Heytvelt, and Downs through their Zag careers. I for one will definitely miss them next year.

03-27-2009, 09:30 PM
We join in the former comments - we appreciate the hard work and the accomplishments of the ZAGS - players and coaches.

THANK YOU for the many good times! You've been GOOD to your fans!

We'll miss you, Seniors. We'll look forward to seeing the rest of you next year.


Zag 77
03-28-2009, 10:29 PM
It takes a little time to put things in perspective in terms of what this team was expected to do, the ups and downs of the season and what they accomplished by getting to the Sweet 16. I am really interested to see how opponents like NC and U Conn do.

It will also be interesting to see what pre-season tourneys we might get an invite to. Playing a Big East team in such a situation would help us learn how to play the "tackle basketball" that seems to be dominating the NCAA tourney right now.

03-29-2009, 04:51 AM
There was pre season talk of a final four. Perhaps it could have happened in a different bracket.

This team carried the Zag banner proudly. You can't be critical of the effort. This Zag team gave great effort. They also got back to the sweet sixteen for the first time since 2006.

Hold your heads high gentlemen.

03-29-2009, 08:57 AM
Well said by all. Another great year in this uninterupted string of great years.
Thank you to all (and there are many) who have played any part at all in making the last decade of this Hoop Heaven in Spokane.

03-29-2009, 09:56 AM
and memories.

Thanks, all !

Go TEAM Zags !

03-29-2009, 02:07 PM
Gonzaga was the last team standing from the West....it was a banner year.. much fun...

03-29-2009, 05:08 PM
We went 28-6, won a league title and went to the Sweet 16.

exactly. this year was another amazing season. thank you Zags, especially the seniors! josh, jeremy and micah answered every critic and then some!

03-29-2009, 05:32 PM
We started the season 10th ranked I think, and I think thats about where we will finish. No shame in that. After seeing UNC and Oklahoma today (OKL shot 1-17 from 3's) that if we had been a 3 seed we may have made it to the Elite 8. That string of 4 straight losses really hurt us, as did the Memphis loss. I always felt that if we had played Oklahoma that we would have beaten them, based on our 1 pt loss to them in their home gym. We have them at Gonzaga next year, so that will be one great game in K2 next year.

03-29-2009, 05:46 PM
based on our 1 pt loss to them in their home gym
The game was played in the Ford Center in OKC not their home gym in Norman. That's just like the talking heads who say we lost to Memphis on our home floor. I don't know how many times I heard that.

03-29-2009, 07:03 PM
Gonzaga was the last non-BCS team standing, too.

Zags will be baaack.