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But like they do with all high school players who visit Gonzaga, the Bulldogs players who were hosting Goodson weren't just courting him on that last weekend of September 2007. They were cross-examining him.

"When we bring a kid on a visit, they spend the maximum amount of time with our players, and the players have veto power," Gonzaga Coach Mark Few said. "And we've had some vetoes over the years."

Gonzaga recruits players like Goodson, the Iowa-raised Gibbs and sophomore Austin Daye from California for specific traits and roles. As recruits, they are more highly rated than the cast that started the Bulldogs' postseason legacy in 1999, but the coaches make sure they're not one-year college players and the players make sure they aren't prima donnas.

"It comes down to everyone around the program," Pargo said. "It comes down to people who met him who don't even play basketball. If he's not a guy that fits the program or fits the style or the type of guy the program wants, there's no room for him. You can't have bad seeds. If you have one bad seed, it trickles down to everyone else and you have a bad tree growing."

Or, as Rice put it: "We don't go out and get 13 all-Americans. We get the right guys for the right positions and the right mix for our team. And that's what's made us successful."


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You can't put a price on this type of exposure.

Go Zags!!!!

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Amazing article! One of the best looks I've ever seen inside the program! Just full of fascinating tidbits! Highly recommended!

This was an intriguing insight for me on the Zags' care and handling of a highly sought recruit:
A year and a half before he made the shot that sent Gonzaga to the NCAA tournament's round of 16 for the fifth time since 1999, Demetri Goodson checked into the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, Wash.

His room in the gilded, luxurious, 95-year-old landmark was adorned with Gonzaga paraphernalia, including the jersey of one of the team's greatest players, Adam Morrison.

Goodson was an important recruiting target for the Bulldogs. As a highly regarded Texan, his signing would show that Gonzaga's increasingly national pursuit of talent was making continued progress. As a highly regarded point guard, he was an ideal successor to Jeremy Pargo, a senior this season.

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These great articles are coming out, one after another! Of course, I'm looking forward to the "tough, not soft" article that will be written on Saturday.

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This kind of stuff just makes me shake my head at our good fortune ...

Spitzer's term as president ends in July, and Coach Ernie Kent is on the hot seat at the University of Oregon, which is Few's alma mater and is located about 15 miles from Few's childhood home of Creswell, Ore. Those factors have led to speculation that the time and circumstances are lining up for Few to make a move.

But Few dismisses the notion, and he cites his father's continuing commitment to his Presbyterian church in Creswell as one reason.

"Maybe it's something I get from my dad, who has been a minister at the same place for 51 years," he said. "I'm a servant. I need to serve these players and help them as much as I can. I gotta do that, and I gotta listen to my staff. Gonzaga's done a great job of keeping us happy. I don't think we think about all that other stuff that goes on."

Moving on wouldn't fit the style and culture he has built, either.

"He isn't moved by, 'This is how it's done, so we have to do it this way,' " Hertz said. "He's a unique bird, but he's brilliant with what he sees. And here's the other thing: He totally believes that this program is going to win a national title. He totally believed all this. It doesn't surprise him or shock him -- it's how he thinks."

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So fortunate to be a fan of this program. Really really lucky!!!

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Interesting, that article didn't make the print edition.

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"When we bring a kid on a visit, they spend the maximum amount of time with our players, and the players have veto power," Gonzaga Coach Mark Few said. "And we've had some vetoes over the years."

We omniscient fans have on a couple occasions questioned why the staff seems to suddenly go cool on a recruit after a visit. Wonder how many times it was due to the above quoted scenario.

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Good read

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I think it has already been posted. Not positive though, if not then good find.

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Good find, even if it was already posted.

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can't tell you how much I appreciate these article posts; I'd never get a chance to read them otherwise, and they're excellent reads, just like this one.