View Full Version : hubert; why duke is hated, etc.

03-22-2009, 07:48 AM
hubert davis is a BCS (Big Chalk Squads) honk and of c an NC alum....but hes also gotta be controversial to keep his ESPN seat (Gottlieb has raised the ante from when pathetic Digger was "controversial"), so knocking the Zags is his shtick.......to say that GU hasta prove something by making the FF and even winning the NC is stoopid....how many BCS schls have done that since 99?

duke: few was conducting a post gm newser on ESPN News when they inexplcably cut to Ratface and his news conf...no explanation....i guess none needed....they never cut back to Few...thats why we hate Duke and Rat...

is it my imagination, or is GU involved in the best gm of the tourney (not all wins, sadly) every other year? besides 99, there was Zona and UCLA..last year and this.....still, no respect from the BCS wonks to speak of

Meech was, to use the most compliemtary term possible, "Dickauesque!!!"

03-22-2009, 08:31 AM
It seems like they are on every day....the don't play outside of Cameron or their second home, MSG....the don't schedule tough teams....they get every call....the media gushes over them.....they usually win.... damn them..