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03-19-2009, 12:58 AM

Bonner said he spends all of Tuesday and Wednesday cramming, studying game film, media guides and newspaper articles to get his knowledge where it needs to be. He also relies on media days at the tournament sites, where he sits through press conferences and talks with sports information directors, radio announcers and beat writers about the tendencies and story lines of individual teams.

"By the time the games start, I have a pretty good idea," said Bonner, who played at the University of Virginia from 1971-75.

This season, that "idea" has led him to North Carolina, which Bonner said is his favorite to win it all, even though the Tar Heels have a tough bracket that includes Oklahoma, Gonzaga and Clemson. But it was Gonzaga that drew Bonner's attention.

"They'll have to play North Carolina, and I don't really see North Carolina having too much trouble in the first and second round," he said. "I think that North Carolina-Gonzaga matchup will be one of the featured matchups in the tournament - and we know North Carolina isn't unbeatable."

Bonner said that if the Bulldogs get by UNC, they could be a Final Four team.

"I would argue that Gonzaga is better than any of those teams [in the bracket]," said Bonner, who made his name as a prognosticator in 1999, when he picked then-unknown Gonzaga to upset Stanford.

(I know...AKRON, AKRON! :explode: )

03-19-2009, 01:39 AM
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