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03-18-2009, 09:00 AM
So I've been following all the "mock" NBA drafts recently, just to check up on Pargo, and Heytvelts status as they play better down the stretch...

Josh seems to be climbing a bit, which is good... As for Jeremy, well he's off the charts, unfortunately.. I was SUPER surprised to see Micah Downs` name in the 2nd round.. Do you guys think if Micah continues to play like he has been, He'll be drafted? How cool would that be? He's a great kid he deserves it. He is gonna be HUGE for us tomorrow, I can feel it..

And how about Patty Mills? Do you guys think he will declare for the draft? I dunno how good SMC will be next year losing Diamon, but if Patty does come back, they will be good. But If he plays like he did against WSU again, I think his draft status will continue to rise. What do you guys think?

03-18-2009, 11:31 AM
Downs will not get a look at the NBA. Hes too skinny and lacks athleticism. He'll play on a mediocre European team. Have no clue why they include him on the draft prediction list. Heytvelt will get a look at he NBA but he'll likely end up in Europe. Most players drafted in the second round hardly get a sniff at the NBA and end up in the NBDL or disappear to Europe. Pargo at best will be a career back up point guard, which isn't so bad. He might end up one day on a winning team and be a spark off the bench. I think Pargo will be drafted, he's more athletic than most of the point guards in the 1st round. Plus, a lot of the top point guards listed as 1st round picks (Lawson, Teague, Warren, Curry) all could return next year. If UNC fails to win, I see Lawson returning, I think I read that all three of Wake's NBA future talent (Johnson, Aminu, and Teague) all want to return next year, which would likely make them the favorite in 2010. Mills likely will test his chances, since his stock has fallen dramatically due to his injury. But he could likely return to SMC next year.

03-18-2009, 11:50 AM
Too skinny and not athletic???

He is arguably the MOST athletic guy on our team! He has a "bounce" to him that scouts love. He is a Bobby Sura type with great range. He is very versatile as well. Now the bad- he is a step slow laterally and needs to be able to use the dribble better. Both things that can improve. It is all about potential, and Jeremy, Josh, and Micah ALL have a ton. Austin is projected as a 1st round pick (some lottery talk) and he doesn't exactly fill out his jersey. He is not nearly as athletic as Micah, yet he has been anointed the next NBA can't miss prospect.

More than anything it is being put in the right situation. Morrison was the epitome of the wrong place. There is lots of NBA level talent not in the league. There is also plenty of less talented players who make careers out of being role players. All three of the aforementioned players all have at least this potential.

03-18-2009, 12:04 PM
The guy is just as if not more than athletic than any one on the Memphis Tigers. He can jump higher. And like they said on the Memphis board, "We don't have anybody that can go between the legs and dunk". Micah can do that in his sleep. Please, the guy is a SG in the pros. The average SG in the NBA is 6'6'', 210 lbs. What is Micah? 6'8'', 195. Maybe he doesn't have the agressiveness or overall skill, but don't say it is because of his size and lack of athleticism.

I bet he can shoot with and dunk with the best that the NBA has to offer at the SG position. Plus his D is stellar, and his rebounding is as good as it gets for a SG.

Pleasant Peninsula
03-18-2009, 12:09 PM
I disagree with most of what hoopster said.

I do think Downs will get a good look for an NBA team. Downs is the best defensive player on one of the best defensive teams in the nation. I think he could use his length and athleticism (he's not athletic????) to get some time an NBA roster. If he can improve his offensive game, he could be a legitimate NBA player. Heytvelt may ultimately end up in Europe, but he will spend time on an NBA roster for a few years and have the chance to prove himself (and I think he will). Same for Pargo. I agree that Pargo is probably a backup PG in the NBA, but that's hardly a damning assessment. He has a good shot as being as good/effective as his brother.

Lawson is as good as gone. He has played himself into a lottery pick. Mills will test the waters and if he is a first rounder, he'll probably bolt. If he's healed, I imagine he'll probably be a first rounder.

All three of the Wake players mentioned will be gone. They will likely all end up in or near the lottery.

03-18-2009, 12:13 PM
Bouldin is also listed frequently as a 2nd rounder in 2010.

Pargo and Downs are going to have to play very well at various camps in order to even get a shot at being drafted. Performing well in the NCAA tourney would also help.

Micah has many of the physical tools that you would want in a NBA small forward, which is why he was so highly rated coming out of high school. He's a tremendous athlete, a first rate shooter, is the perfect height for a NBA SF, and has nice length. Yes, it would nice if he were stronger. The problem with Downs is that he has not been a consistent college basketball player...largely due to him possessing a fragile confidence level. At least so far. I wish he had another year of eligibility left.

03-18-2009, 09:35 PM
The problem with Downs is that he has not been a consistent college basketball player...largely due to him possessing a fragile confidence level. At least so far. I wish he had another year of eligibility left.

i wonder how much PT had to do with his performance? the more PT he got, less times he was yanked, the better he played. its to the point now where hes not thinking, just playing hoops and hes fabulous.

U Zig, I Zag
03-18-2009, 10:07 PM
I agree that Pargo would be well served as a long-term backup PG in the league. That would be a success for him, in my opinion. Everything else would be butter (and wouldn't surprise me if he excelled beyond what he is doing now). He has hops and can go at the rim if he needs to. When he doesn't overdribble and overthink things he is golden at breaking presses and drawing attention to himself and opening up someone else.

Josh has a good shot, but like mentioned, may end up in Euroland after a bit. I think his plus is that the NBA game is fast (he runs the floor well) and when it gets to half court, its very spread out with lots of opportunities to do your thing. What Josh can do a little farther away from the hoop (face up, use the glass) is exactly what works for a guy of his size and skill level in the NBA. Josh needs to go all Pistol Pete though - sleep with the ball... dribble everywhere he goes. He needs to be a threat going to the hole, x-over - everything - he needs a move. What Austin does now, with the x-over and getting himself some room, if Josh had even part of that he would be lights out. He has to establish the idea that he will push it at the hoop if need be and the face-up game will be there for him.
Defense is hard to say. I think he plays well but he doesn't want to play down low too often and you can see that. He can board with his hands but doesn't use his body to make it easier on himself.
He could learn how to see the floor better when he has his back to the basket - he needs to see players cutting, jump passes over the top of the key at a 45 to 3-line, etc. Read somewhere that by some stat he is one of the worst passing bigs in D1 (might have been here).

Micah really, really, really needs a dribble attack. He can do it but it lacks something, I don't think defenders take it seriously - maybe it is confidence. He can shoot the lights out and jump out of the building given the opportunity/motivation. He is drastically improved as a defender and takes that roll seriously - scouts see these things. Not athletic? No way... he has good hands and good body control. Ira! is an athlete, strong with a brutish sensibility (I mean tough here), could probably do well at 10 sports - but watch him in the post or catching a quick pass on the run (unless he is sky bound, then watch out!). But Micah, Micah is athletic in the built for a purpose sense. He is meant to play hoops. Period. Of all of the seniors, my heart feels for Micah. The NBA, even a small career, would be an accomplishment for Micah and for GU.

Despite what happens, these three will take us as far as we can physically go in the tournament (Bouldin will be driving this bus, btw).


03-18-2009, 10:15 PM
If the seniors keep up a similar level of play as Vegas for a couple more games, they will all get a serious look.

03-18-2009, 10:32 PM
Micah is definitely athletic enough for the NBA. My only question is he hasn't shown much of a mid range game and is not nearly effective at attacking the hoop as he should be with his height, skills, and athleticism.