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03-17-2009, 04:31 PM
I was in a beat up college car headed across the Cascades to watch little ol' Gonzaga play in their second-ever NCAA tournament game against Minnesota. I remember staying in potentially the worst hotel in all of Seattle (the Vagabond Inn near Seattle Center), getting pulled over on the way to Seattle (cop pulled 3 of us over at once...very impressive), and being totally excited about the game. I remember having no expectations, but tons of hope. The team knew better however, they were competitive, feisty and played like the world was stacked against them and they never gave up. That was a great weekend in Seattle.

I look at this weekend a bit differently, but I'm trying to correct my attitude. I'm lessening my expectations and increasing my hope. I hope the team is looking at this similarly to how those guys back then did. Maybe Q Hall is around to give the pep talk before they leave for Portland. If this team can take that kind of attitude (which they showed in the WCC Tourney) and channel it for the NCAA tournament, we could all be in for a great weekend.

Go Zags...Beat the Zips! Make the nation believers again!

03-17-2009, 06:16 PM
I remember it that like it was yesterday. Driving to Seattle-thrilled to be seeing our Zags in the dance. News had just broken about the Minnesota homework crisis and that a couple of their starters weren't going to play. There wasn't nearly the internet info available then so what impact that would have wasn't fully known. I had 3rd row seats. Hundreds of Minnesota fans flew into Seatle with thier gold and maroon sweatshirts. They stayed seated throughout the game.

We were on our feet for 40 minutes. We got our first NCAA win. History was made. Our guys were in the zone. The memories of the NIT in 1998 haunted them. They hated not being recognized, respected-feared! They drank in the respect that came after the Stanford game and cashed it in against Florida. (Florida did not do their homework either).

The legacy began a decade ago. The current Zags were in grade school; watching the darlings parade around the national television circuit; wondering how cool it would be to shock the world someday.

Someday is here. Time to take the next step. Accept no interference. Drink in the respect. Sweat the glory.


03-17-2009, 06:44 PM
A decade ago I was a little boy who didn't really know anything about college basketball. My dad talked me into watching little ol' Gonzaga with him. That first run through the bracket is my first memory of college basketball (the only basketball memory prior was watching Michael Jordan). I quickly fell in love with March Madness and Gonzaga basketball. I know many of the posters on this board are either alums or longtime fans, and I salute you for your long lasting support of the program. But I would also like to thank the 1999-present Zags and coaching staff for turning me onto college basketball and giving me a program to root for...an honorable program that does things the right way in a world (college basketball) where shortcuts and dishonest happenings can be the norm.

03-17-2009, 06:58 PM
I was on the top floor of Desmet with a bunch of Gonzaga Basketball Players listening to a very bad short wave radio (remember them) broadcast of the SU games with Elgin Baylor....never ever dreaming that Gonzaga would be in the tourney...

03-17-2009, 10:49 PM
I became interested when Ryan Floyd was added to the Zags roster out of Sprague-Harrington, a B school that I had watched at the B Tournament. A year later, the team took off on this magical run. I taped the radio coverage replays of the 3 big wins - should probably pull those cassettes out of deep storage.