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03-14-2009, 08:41 AM
There will no longer be any debate after tomorrow afternoon, but for at least another day we can talk about who's in and who's out...

As for where GU is seeded, I think Lunardi is pretty accurate. I would be completely surprised to NOT see Gonzaga in Boise as the #4 seed in the West Region. Gonzaga has a GREAT chance to be the top #4 seed, and a possible Sweet Sixteen match up against Louisville would be AWESOME BABY :D

The SMC debate is alive for another day too ;) I just don't see why Bracketology has them in the field today and others out. I don't think Arizona is worthy of a NCAA at-large birth, but I do think they are more worthy than SMC. Arizona has 5 top 50 RPI victories (Kansas, Washington, UCLA, SDSU, and Gonzaga) going 5-9 overall, and are 9-13 against Top 100 RPI opponents. SMC has a total of 2 victories over top 50 RPI opponents (SDSU and Utah St.) going 2-5 overall, and 21 of their 24 victories are outside the top 100 RPI. I don't think Mill's performance against a BAD Eastern Washington University should enough to convince the Selection Committee that they belong. As far as I'm concerned SMC had their opportunity to get their bid to the dance and they fell flat on their face (not even competitive) 83-58 in their conference championship.

#1's - I think UConn falls to a #2, so the #1's should be (UNC, Pitt, Louisville, and Memphis)

#2's - UConn, Mich St., Duke, Kansas

#3's - Villanova, Washington, Wake Forest, and Oklahoma ALL lost in their conference tournaments. I think ALL these teams have a chance to fall in seeding and open the door for GU. The BIG question would be does GU deserve a #3 over Washington in the West Region... history says the Selection Committee likes larger conferences.

#4's - I think Xavier will fall to a #5 opening to door for Illinois or Florida St. to jump into that spot... possibly Purdue as well.

I can't wait for Sunday afternoon... :D

03-14-2009, 08:56 AM
Memphis is playing terrific and I'd give them a 1 seed, but I'd bet Mich State nabs that last 1 seed, leaving Memphis with a 2 seed.

It would take a perfect storm, so to speak, for GU to get a 3 seed.

03-14-2009, 09:06 AM
USA Today on Friday projected the field and had GU as a 5 playing Florida as a 12. While I'm OK with the match-up, I was surprised to see GU as a 5. When I started looking at the teams in front of GU, it made more sense. I know people are now saying GU could be a 3 or a 4, but I think the Memphis loss still looms large even with our win of conference and the tournament. I wouldn't be surprised with a 6--and that's OK too. The boys talked about being disrespected and that fueled their fire in Vegas--so it might be good if the selection committee adds to that fire.

03-14-2009, 09:07 AM
It would take a perfect storm, so to speak, for GU to get a 3 seed.

Would the storm look something like this:

- Tennessee SEC Conference Championship
- Maryland win over Duke... an ACC Championship would definitely help
- Utah Mountain West Championship

Oklahoma St. playing in the BIG 12 Championship would have helped too...

If GU moves from a #4 seed, I would be more shocked to see them as a #5 than a #3 at this point. A #3 seed would be HUGE for Gonzaga... as BZ has pointed out, it sets up a Sweet Sixteen matchup against a #2 versus a #1.