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03-10-2009, 11:50 AM
What a blast this weekend was. Getting to watch the WCC tournament in Las Vegas, while having just turned 21. The New Orleans Arena was an absolute success, as it was not only in the middle of an entertaining city, but was at a neutral venue as well. What stood out most to me over the weekend, however, was the fantastic support of the GU fans. Wherever I walked in the Orleans hotel, I would see a pack of Zags fans. Whenever I walked on the strip, I would see Zag paraphernalia; even when I walked around at the night clubs, after midnight.. Zag fans were in full force :)

I commend you Zag fans. Being from Los Angeles, I have only been able to attend two zag games in Spokane during my lifetime. What I saw in the Orleans was as close to a Zags home game as a "neutral" game could get. It was amazing to see all of you fans rock that place. Those of you who were there know that 9/10 of that crowd was pro-Gonzaga last night. The volume that you produced in that arena no doubt propelled the team to its greatest heights of the year. The squad was playing determined, team ball, and the outside shooting was remarkable. Micah Downs was a true Zag this whole weekend-- playing hard, scoring, defending, rebounding, and sharing the ball. Jeremy looked better than he has all year imo. It seemed as if he wanted to make a statement to show that he was superior to all the WCC guards. And How about Meech!!! That kid is as quick as any guard I have seen all year. To be able to witness it first hand from five rows off the floor was a great treat! Josh was a solid rock, rebounding and throwing down thunderous dunks. I am pretty sure he took outplayed "WCC Player of the Year" Sunday night. Finally, Matt Bouldin will be an absolute pleasure to watch in his senior year. With him returning, along with Daye, Gray, Meech, Sacre and the recruiting class coming in, the sky is the limit.

Being able to watch the Zags this weekend has shown me two prominent things. 1) If this team continues this type of play, and continues to play team ball, a final four berth is not out of the question by any means. I think the team we envisioned all year long is peaking at the right time. Whereas previous years, Zags team have peaked a little too early imo, this years team is peaking at exactly the right time. I truly believe that the South carolina upstate game was just what the doctor ordered. It boosted the teams confidence, camaraderie, and outstanding play. 2) You Zag fans, especially those from Spokane, are a bunch of classy, friendly, and loyal people. It was an absolute honor and pleasure getting to talk to some of you this weekend. I was proud to be a Zags fan, (even from LA). The team is lucky to have all of you on their side. I can promise you, no team like that in LA or in California for that matter, has nearly as loyal of a fan base.

Now on to the tourney! Let's go get em Zags!!!!!

03-10-2009, 11:54 AM
glad you enjoyed yourself & thanks for the onsite review and opinions.

03-10-2009, 12:08 PM
Yes thank you for sharing your experience. I hope more people who were there write on the board to talk about their experience as well.