View Full Version : The Player We're Really Going to Remember 10 years from now.

03-10-2009, 07:07 AM
Gonzaga has had some special players and teams. Ones that really stand out include Burgess, Stockton, Santangelo, Frahm, Calvary, Stepp, Dickau, Morrison and Turiaf.

We remember these guys for the skill, poise and results that they brought. More than anything, though, each of these guys had that special "thing" about them that made them winners.

The guy from this team who we are really going to remember in my opinion is Matt Bouldin. Ink him as all time great because he can do everything on the court and might just be the most complete basketball player we've had.

He can post up, he can take you off the dribble, he can shoot from mid range, he can shoot from long range, he can defend, he has great court vision and he makes it all look easy. So easy, I think people overlook just how good he is (including me). I'm glad the commentators spoke in glowing terms about him during the game.

03-10-2009, 07:42 AM
He reminds me a lot of Deron Williams, a guy who has done quite well for himself as a pro. There's just a smoothness and headiness to both guys' games. They are big, strong combo guards who deliver the ball where teammates need it, have a solid midrange game, great hesitation dribbles, aren't the most explosive guys and yet seem to blow by people. I don't know if Matt can be that player as a pro, but he is certainly has the ability at this level. The true test, as always, will be how he matches up against stud athletes in the Dance. I think Matt's gained some confidence and learned how to contribute even if some of his best attributes are countered by an opponent's athleticism.

03-10-2009, 08:02 AM
One of the announcers compared him to a smaller Detlef Schrempf (sp?) during the game last night.

03-10-2009, 08:03 AM
For me, that's the last hurdle Bouldin needs to overcome - can he contribute while being guarded by an elite athlete (esp one taller or longer than he is). So far the answer has been no and this season hasn't been much different. When that answer becomes yes consistently (whether the contributions come from assits, buckets, whatever)... that will be a very very good day.

Bouldin had some plays in the tourney and esp last night that were just breathtaking - how about that drive and short lob to Heytvelt for the dunk? His bounce passes inside to cutters? His dead-eye three catch-and-shoot after running on a break at full tilt? Just impressive in so many ways.

Someone mentioned in the Meech thread that Meech will have to learn to be a good PG all on his own next year - it'll be interesting, but I bet Few will do something like he's done this season, with Meech being the offical PG and often running the break/breaking pressure and doing some playmaking, with Bouldin often running the show in the half-court.