View Full Version : Describe your 3 favorite plays tongiht

02-26-2009, 10:56 PM
1. The lob to Josh where he grabed it with one hand and it kind of got loose from him on the way to the basket. He grabbed the rebound with one hand and layed it in. Josh has really soft hands, and can he ever catch the ball in traffic. I've been impressed all year with how he catches so many passes running full speed. Most centers do not have the hands of guards.

2. The fast break bucket, coming after two excellent zip zip passes. Pargo was going to dunk and instead just hesitated and layed in nicely in. So many players are getting hurt right now that I think our guys need to play smart now.

3. Austins, underhand fingerroll layup going to his right in traffic. I think it went right over Bryant's head.

There weren't a lot of great fancy plays tonight, and you have to give credit to the Bronco's for playing pretty darn good D. Keating, as was seen tonight, is a very good coach. His guys play good defense, and they are tough. I mean very good defense. They really shut the middle down a lot. Keating was an assistant to UCLA's coach before going to Santa Clara. I expect him to build a very nice program at Santa Clara, and that the rivalry between them and us will continue for years down the road.

02-27-2009, 06:20 AM
Oh yes, I remember screaming for those three plays you chose...all right at the rim!

Here's three more that impressed:

1. Josh diving on the floor for that loose ball early in the game, just hurled himself down to get it, and he won that ball. Tone setter.

2. Josh's block in the open floor, when he took the ball almost right off the glass, exploded to get that one...nice to see that explosion from him when he needs it.

3. Matt and Micah stepping up late and making free throws after first missing a couple each. Nice response. Of course, just make them all would be best :) In general, our response to our mistakes and bad plays, which will happen in a game, was impressive...just kept fighting, kept playing.

and now we go take care of business with an old friend..........


02-27-2009, 07:14 AM
since i was there i have to chime in. in order:
1 - josh's offensive rebound/dunk over everybody. this really ticked off the rough riders as they wanted a goal tending call, over the back call, or anything else that could have been called to prevent josh from abusing them around the rim like that.
2 - the austin daye finger roll was ridiculous, i am hard pressed to think of a more purely impressive nba move in all my years of watching college basketball
3 - josh's and-1 followed by the pepsi bottle, what a bunch of sore losers - problem is, they certainly hadn't lost yet!