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Sure, this post is nearly 9 years old. It was written by Dan Dickau's dad (Randy) -- as Dan was completing his redshirt year at Gonzaga. I thought it appropriate to re-post -- given the concerns a few of our Board Members have vis a vis the staff -- and the program.

Randy's post also deals with expectations (GU was in the middle of the back to back to back Sweet 16 -- and beyond run).

I believe the words that were written here about teamwork -- coaching, etc. are still true with today's Zags. Again, this post was written before Dan Dickau had spent a minute on the court as a Zag (but he was just finishing his redshirt year).

Impressions of Gon ZAG a after one season?

"Love of the game" runs extraordinarily deep at GU. Player, excredible fans (The Kennel...WOW!), parents and coaches.
"Knowledge of the game" within the community is very high.
"Respect and appreciation" of what is required to achieve success. Ego drive, while necessary and valued, is consistenly held in-check for the good of the entire team This is unique in the "modern"era.) The word is TEAM. The "fit" is infinitely better at GU.
"Coaching". Honesty, effort, one-on-one attention is expected and received by the players. "Help me get better" is a request made of coaches which is responded to with enthusiasm. How refreshing! Comprehension of the term "Zag Material" is now complete and is a component of what make this program so special.
"Academic Expectations." 3.3 GPA "nuff said".
"The Dream" of an NCAA Championship is alive! 2001? 2002? However I must not get ahead of myself.
Why not 2000? "My teams on the floor!"

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Bump, 'cause it's worth it!

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What does it mean to be a Zag? What kind of friendships and lifelong bonds do these teammates form?

Here's another post from the past that (in my opinion) embodies what's so special about the guys we root for -- support.

This post (attached below) was written the day after the Zags lost the 96-95 double overtime heartbreaker to #1 seed Arizona. This post was also the first time the expression "Gonzaga is a special place, with special people" was found it print. Ronny Turiaf later used the description for Gonzaga -- when he was finishing his Senior year.
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The Fellas

Every once in awhile I would get on this website throughout the season to find out how things were going for the fellas. I obviously would talk to the guys and the coaches at times and they had their ups and downs because of the schedule and how every team absolutely gears up to play their best game against us especially in league. Zach and Winston showed tremendous heart and courage as seniors, too bad it had too end this way. These guys have shown tremendous heart and an appreciation for being a part of such an awesome program. Zach having been part of all five NCAA tournaments is and has been an integral part of the program. As seniors they have nothing to be ashamed, they are great friends of mine and am proud to have been their teammates. As for the other guys they all stepped up and made big plays when needed.

We played the Pacers tonight, but I was able to watch a few minutes before our game started, then had a friend here tape the second half and overtimes for me. I had heard updates throughout the game and found out we had lost by one in double ot, but I still went straight home and watched the tape. Funny thing is I caught myself yelling whenever one of the guys made a big play even when I knew the outcome of the game. The way they played was awesome and it made me appreciate and cherish my time at Gonzaga even more. You could say I was even jealous, not only of the guys because they were in such a great game, but of the amazing fans because I wanted to be there cheering my best friends on too.

This has been a post that has been all over the place, and I will probably never post again, because I am not big on computers.
Last night made me proud to be a ZAG!! I was so happy and proud of the way guys played, and am excited already to hear Coach Few prepare for next year. These guys were part of the best college game I ever saw.
"Gonzaga is a special place, with special people!"

Dan Dickau #21

02-25-2009, 09:59 AM
This is what its all about!! Every young man we recruit should be given a copy of "BraveHearts" and receive an oral quiz on what they learned about themelves and their expected role in Gonzaga basketball before signing the letter of intent. To wear that Gonzaga across ones chest is both an honor and a privilege. WE ARE GONZAGA!!