View Full Version : The fight in the dog

02-19-2009, 07:23 PM
It was interesting to hear coach Few proclaim Goodson as the Zag’s toughest player on pre-game radio show. That's saying something that the smallest guy on the team is tougher than Pargo and Ira.

02-19-2009, 08:49 PM
Meech had a very nice game tonight - not wildly outsanding - but a good solid game for a freshman. He has definitely improved and has now begun to take his offensive game up a notch. Less hand checking tonight on D, definitely more aggressiveness to the basket. When Pargo passes the baton we are going to be just fine. All that talk awhile back about Goodson being an offensve liability was just bunk.

02-19-2009, 09:02 PM
Ira could pick Meech up and dunk him!

I think Few was saying Demetri displays the kind of "not backing down to anybody" attitude.....like halftime of the 1st UT game when he went after Wayne Chism. Micah has it sometimes, Josh if he gets an early block or dunk does too...whereas Matt & Steven seem to be steady even-keel types. Jeremy and Austin where their hearts on their sleeve. Ira is tough and scrappy, but can be a bit passive. Robert would have been another tough guy, but it appears the foot has not healed fast enough to warrant using him... tonight was the time to test it. Will, well he is what he is...very very effective on D in the post!

Maybe if Ira is invited to the NCAA Slam dunk contest he could dunk Meech:D