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zag buddy
02-17-2009, 02:33 PM
After every game we identify any weakness of the team and players we have watched and post our comments in order to give our opinion of how to improve the team. How about we take a moment to identify the good qualities these particular players and team have. Why they are unique. What they add to our lives. I am making my list and will post when complete. Please do the same in appreciation of our team.

zag buddy
02-17-2009, 03:15 PM
I marvel at the individual athleticism of all the players. What a joy to watch. Josh 6'11'' and runs extremely well, soft hands and very good accuracy in shooting. Two 6'5'' guards, that's hugh to have their skills. Players developing who could start on many teams. I really enjoy watching them develope on and off the court. Every game I am on the edge of my chair not knowing which zag's team is going to show up. It definitly brings a lot of nervous energy to my life. I look forward to every game and do not miss any with a knowlegeable focus on the ability of our players and the opponents. Many think I am to old to play games but through these young men it brings back the competitive juices of my youth. As a team they appear more of a family than many prior teams. They give me a chance to interact with all of you in a meaninful way and I don't even know you. And last but not least I'm am $5 richer because of these Zags.Thanks guys you have become a meaningful part of my life.

02-17-2009, 03:48 PM
GU @ WSU - the 2nd half


02-17-2009, 04:14 PM
Skill-wise, they're as good as any team.
Potential-wise, they're through the roof.
Most goals are still attainable.

When in the right mindset, they can beat anybody. Zag fans stand behind you all the way. Continue to make this little university in this small western city proud like the dozens of teams that came before you.

Postseason Zags:


Now, let's go get 'em!

02-17-2009, 04:59 PM
The Zags have done what they have needed to do. They won the Old Spice Classic, playing great basketball. Looked pretty good in that second half against WSU. Fooled us into thinking they could go undefeated I think. :D
Lost a couple tough road games by just a few (and as it turns out now Arizona and Utah are pretty darn good teams at home). Had a heart break loss to UCONN. And finally are 10 and 0 in Conference play. We won at Tennessee and broke a 37 home court winning streak. Beat St. Mary's in their home gym where they were undefeated this year. We cut Portland to pieces in their gym when they were really gaining confidence and I believe thought they would beat Gonzaga. The Zags were determined to NOT overlook them and think about Memphis. It became obvious to me that they believed the conference championship was more important than a Memphis loss. I doubt if the Zags prepared much for Memphis and that had a huge effect on the game.

I think Josh has had a very good season, and I am just praying that by the end of the year I can say he's had a great season. I've been a big supporter of Josh sense I first saw him play in high school. He's had a tough career at GU but he's been mighty tough and determined to win the fight. IMO he's the toughest of 'em all. He takes the most charges, and now hitting the floor more than anyone. He runs the floor as good as any big in the country. And man does he have hands. He can catch anything thrown his way. I think this Zag team would be better offensively if the guys would go through him more. But that's just my opinion.

So much has been said about Pargo, and MOST negative. If I had one Zag wish I would wish that we, the fans, would get off his back and start loving this young man. I agree totally with Silicon. Some people may need more love, and he may be one of them. I know that wont happen, and people laugh and sneer at the idea. If I've learned one thing this year it's that some people can not be happy unless they have something negative to say about someone. I wish, oh I wish so bad, that it could only be pointed and directed at me more. Like Josh, I've been a huge supporter of Pargo. I've loved him as much as any Zag before him. Yes, he has not had a great year, and my second wish is that he does pull himself out of this and once more show that he will be forever remembered in Zagdom. I believe he can do it, and I think he will. It's truly not over until the fatlady sings. I do believe, and have believed all year that when I first wrote, "The best is yet to come," that this year's team was that team. I will believe it from now til the last game.

Bouldin has really really improved this year. He's amazing. He's made me eat many of my words that I've said about him in the past, and I'll be the first to say it, and to shake his hand and tell him, "Thank you for making me eat my words." He's just had an awesome year, and he's going to lead us to a WCC championship, and get player of the year in the WCC. And in the end, Pargo will be the one guy who's goin to help him get it.

I had higher expectations for Gray and Daye. I forgot that they are Sophomores. Austin has had an okay year, but really not what I thought he would. He has some big shortcomings. I am just hoping he will continue to show improvment from now to the end. He's had many great moments this year, but it's really been up and down. The good news is by the end of the year these guys will almost be Juniors, so I am hoping they can get it together. I believe Austin could break out at any time, and if he does it this year, watch out America.

Downs has been awesome in my judgement. He is the consumate role player for this team. He is the unselfish one. He gives it 100% all the time, imo, and he is probably as good as them all. He understands that some people on a team need to be humble and are willing to make the sacrifices some won't. He is the glue to this team. I hope he knows what he does for this team.

Will and Ira have given us all a lot of great moments, and I believe have given way beyond our expectations. They've both had really good years.

Sacre getting hurt was a big blow. Bigger than I first thought it would be. I thought Daye with the help of Ira would be able to hold their own, but it's been a sore spot for the team. We just don't rebound at that position unless Will is in, and Will brings so little on offense that Few just can't play him much.

This team will only move forward and win the WCC, and then win the WCC championship, and advance past the first round in March Madness if they play together. If they can not develop the cohesiveness that is required than they won't. If their egos are more important than the success of the team, they will not achieve these goals. As BZ says, it's definately in their reach. My question to them is CAN YOU MAKE THE SACRIFICES THAT WILL BE REQUIRED OF YOU? Not because you are special or different. But because the kind of sacrifice I'm thinking of is required of all teams who wish to advance. What are you willing to give up for the good of the team?

02-17-2009, 05:29 PM

I'm very grateful that Austin has been able to play (and contribute greatly) this season. I also believe that the down time after his injury didn't help and adversely affected his stamina -- and that the best of Austin (this season) is yet to come. GoZags

02-17-2009, 06:21 PM
I enjoy watching Foster realize his role on the team and fill it. He has positively contributed. I have not done it recently, but a while back I looked at his minutes and the Zags out-scored their opponents when ever he was in. Obviously he has had a lot of support from his teammates.

02-17-2009, 06:24 PM
When I think that at the end of this little stretch we will no longer see Pargo, Heytvelt, Downs and Ira! battling away out there, it sinks in. This is a terrific team and they have fought and worked through a lot to be what they are today.

Pargo the Destroyer
02-17-2009, 07:22 PM
my favorite thing is rocking the gu gear, ok not really. I love all the guys and to be honest with you I am dreading senior night, being able to see the guys in vegas will be nice though. This team has a little more attachment for me, I took my 3 yr old to kraziness in the kennel and he had a blast, he got some pics with the guys, got all of them to sign the poster, which is hanging up in his room and he just ate it up. Now when I tell him Gonzaga is on, he gets all excited, albeit only for a few minutes, then he goes back to doing what 3 yr olds do. The coolest thing was that he took a picture of Ira! with his own little digital camera and I am going to see about having him sign it for me, for a keepsake down the road. Im just happy to be able to start passing on the love to my boy of GU. getting all sappy here, sorry :o

02-18-2009, 06:44 AM
The one thing we have this year compared to years in the past, and for some weird reason it's one of my favorite parts of this team, is Austin's ability to defend the inbounds pass. I think we have at least two wins because of it...great to see this addition to our arsenal.


02-18-2009, 11:42 AM
How many teams would still be in the hunt if they were missing role players at the two most important positions on the court, and had to move two all american type players from their natural positions to cover positions where their gifts would not be used to the fullest! Jeremy and Josh are not able to really shine where they are at. They have both manned-up and taken one for the team, to cover the point and center. I think it has seriously hurt their pro prospects, yet they push on, for the team. The rest of the guys, to a man, could be starting (most staring) for almost any other D-1 school in the country. Yet, they are still here, playing their roles for our team. This team is performing far above what a team should be expected to do, given the circumstances. Only our great depth at the beginning of the year has kept us in it. Funny how now we hear that our lack of depth is a weakness. We've just had to use that depth for so long we forgot that's what it is. These guys all have a passion for "Gonzaga Basketball". It's this passion that causes us to gather to cheer them when they win, and cry when they loose. It's that way for each one of us on this board, or we would not be here!.
Keep pushing and over-acheiving, guys! Your'e Awesome! :clap:

02-18-2009, 12:20 PM
Every year, I enjoy following the development of each player and team development in general, and there is still a long way to go in that for this year's team. Whether it's Steven, or Ira, or Will...whoever. Fun for me.

You can tell what players worked on over the summer in their game, and how they've grown throughout the season, and I love that stuff. From this year's team, One example with Matt is he finishes underhanded now, right or left...just a game changing development for him. He did not have that before.

Injuries are always intersting to watch a team deal with. Josh has changed his D game to not collect fouls, imo. Because of some lack of depth there, he cannot play above the rim recklessly, again imo, he has to really stay on the floor defensively, and as noted by others, he's tough at it, picking up charges routinely without flopping (I think I've only seen him truly flop once this year, very recently). He's totally learned how to play with his hands straight up high without bring them down at the end, reaching in and fouling stupidly.

There's more, but it's those things I love about the game of college basketball in general, and specifically our Zags this year.

Micah has matured, that's the word to me. I hope he feels it, because his game continues to grow and show it. Meech is gaining the confidence, earning it, that he can hang and that he can do, and I think his game continues to grow and show it. Same with Austin.

Leaders have to make sacrifices. Watching Jeremy this year alter his POY game to help the team (for example, just look at Matt blowing up this year; he's had many more opportunities than last year because he's earned them, and lots of those opps used to be Jeremy's, imo) with him fully exposed, battling through struggles, I have total respect. I mean, that takes some maturity and guts, toughness, even to try it. He could have been Marbury, Amare, any number of me-firsters and whined like a grape and destroyed the team. But No. I'll never forget that about him. What doesn't kill you..........................

Long way to go still, too.

Thanks Lothar for the link!!!