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02-15-2009, 10:47 AM
At the end of the first half against USF, Gonzaga had a chance at the last shot and did not convert, something I feel like I have seen quite often lately. I seem to recall many a time in the past where a Dickau or a Morrison delivered a dagger before halftime and, of course, we all remember game winning shots like “The Runner”.

I decided to research Gonzaga’s historical clutch shooting. I defined clutch shooting to be shots in the last 30 seconds or less at the end of regulation or OT. Shot must either tie the game or extend a lead that was 2 points or less. I reluctantly included the making of 1 of 2 free throws, even though making both may be a truer definition of “clutch”. My collection below may not be complete. - internet data and my mind get fuzzy 7-8 years back. Some of the 1999-2001 games I listed for possible clutch shots, because I did not find sufficient play-by-play or write ups.

Doing the research was a fun walk down memory lane. It reminded me of a few things. Those names that appear multiple times (Morrison, Stepp, Dickau and Calvary) reminded me of how much fun I had watching those players. Richard Fox was a surprise member of the multiple clutch shot club. Other players who were fantastic overall players don’t appear often on this list (Turiaf, Ravio). Other names on this list were wonderful role players whose contributions are too easily forgotten.

As for this year’s team – we’ve all talked about the talent. They are undefeated in conference. They are in the Top 20. Other than a couple of performances (Portland State, Memphis), I would say this team has had a great season. But have they shown ability in the clutch? Clutch shooting requires that you be in a situation that requires clutch shooting, so maybe they have not had as many opportunities as past seasons. Is there an issue because Gonzaga is so balanced, that the decision as to whom will be the go-to guy isn't apparent to not only the opponent, but the team itself? The person most likely to add to this list? Has to be Bouldin at this point, doesn’t it?


Connecticut (Seattle) - Bouldin - Made 2 of 2 to extend lead from 1 to 3 (Conn then tied)
At St. Mary’s - Pargo - Made 1 of 2 FTs with 19 seconds left to extend lead from 1 to 2


At Santa Clara - Gray hit 2 of 2 FTs with under a second left to put game into OT
At St. Mary's -Kuso - dunk with 5 sec to tie & put into OT


At San Francisco- Bouldin - hit 1 of 2 free throws to put game into OT


Michigan St.(Maui) - Ravio - hit 2 of 2 in 3rd OT to go up by 3 pts.
Oklahoma St.(Seattle) - Morrison -banks 3 pointer to win by 2
At San Diego - Knight - hits 3 pointer with 8 seconds to win by 1
St. Mary’s - Mallon - hit 1 of 2 FT with .3 seconds to win by 1
Stanford - Morrison - hit 2 of 2 FTs with under 18 seconds to extend lead from 2 to 4.
San Francisco - Altidor-Cespedes - hit 3 pointer with 1 second to win by 1
Xavier(NCAA) - Morrison - hit 2 of 2 FTs with 19 seconds to extend from 2 to 4.


At Washington St. - Morrison - hit 1 of 2 FTs with 11 seconds to extend from 1 to 2.
San Francsico - Morrison - hit field goal with less than a second to win by 2


Santa Clara (WCC) - Turiaf - hit field goal with 5 seconds to win by 1


Washington -Stepp - hit 1 of 2 FT to lead by 3 (UW then tied)
Washington State - Stepp - hit 2 of 2 FTs with 4 seconds to lead by 3 (WSU then tied)
Eastern Washington - Stepp - Hit 2 pointer with under 20 to play to take 3 point lead
St. Joseph’s - Fox - In OT, hit 2 pointer with 20 seconds to lead by 1 (SJU then won)
Arizona (NCAA) - Skinner - hit FG with 5 seconds in regulation to send to first OT
Arizona (NCAA) - Fox - layup with 16 seconds in 1st OT to go up by 2 (Arizona then tied)


Texas (Alaska) - Dickau - hit 2 of 2 free throws with 28 seconds to lead & win by 3
St. Joseph’s - Dickau - hit 3 pointer with 3 seconds to win by 3 pts.
New Mexico - Dickau - In OT hit 4 of 4 FTs with 19 seconds to increase lead from 2
At San Diego - Reason - Hit 2 of 2 FTs with under 17 seconds to extend lead from 2 to 4


At San Diego - Dickau - Hit 3 pointer with 2 seconds to take 3 point lead
Santa Clara - Someone(?) - Scored 2 pts with less than 24 seconds to extend lead from 1 to 3.
Virginia (NCAA) - Calvary - hit FG with 9 seconds left to win by 1.


At San Diego(?) - ???? - won by 5 in OT, could not find info.
Pepperdine (WCC)(?) - ???? - won by 4 in OT, could not find info.


Detroit (at Iowa) - ???? - lost by 1, could not find info
At Texas-Pan AM - ???? - won by 1, could not find info
At TCU - ???? - lost by 3, could not find info
At Santa Clara - ???? - won by 2, could not find info
Florida (NCAA) - Calvary - hit FG with 4 seconds left to win by 1

02-15-2009, 10:57 AM
One add I can think of: Steven Gray's FTs with no time left on the clock at Santa Clara last year. Good list, though, thanks for doing the research.

02-15-2009, 11:46 AM
As the season's worn on, I actually feel better about the Zags' ability to make a clutch shot. Downs' dagger three with the shot clock expiring was just what the Dr. ordered. May have been play of the game for GU. The key is making that extra pass. Last second shots seem to look a lot better when taken by someone who hasn't been dribbling away the clock (unless you're Morrison) ...

zag buddy
02-15-2009, 02:51 PM
CZ , I am amazed at your reseach abilities. Thanks for the effort and good work.