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02-12-2009, 06:07 PM
Bobby Knight pointed out during the 2ndhalf rally vs Memphis - the one that happened with Pargo, Bouldin and Daye on the bench- that the fact the lineup on the court was doing so much better (Meech, Gray, Downs, Brown and Heytvelt) would lead him to seriously consider shaking up the lineup for the next game. I agree!

It's time for Few to push some buttons in dramatic fashion....I say start Meech, Gray, Downs, Brown and JH then see what kind of intensity Pargo, Bouldin and Daye bring to the court with them. The aspirations this team has for postseason success demand this kind of dramatic move by the head coach. Fact is, Zags are underachieving and have been for a while....when, exactly, does such underachievemnet merit a serious shakeup in the status quo?

If we cannot beat a Patrick Mills-less SMC team then we are not dancing short of a WCC tourney victory...assuming it has not already come to that.

Would that Sacre were available....then I'd bring in Pargo, Bouldin, Daye and Sacre leaving JH in at the 4. How's that for a nice boost from the bench!?

02-15-2009, 09:14 PM
Shameless bump of my own thread thus far deemed unworthy of a single reply....but, after beating USF by a mere 5 points I just can't help myself...flamers flame away, my conscience demands I vent ineloquent:

Does anyone out there in G.U. Board Land still believe, as I do, this team has more talent than any other team known to Zagdom? If so, then of course Coach Few needs to shake up the lineup because we sure as heck are not seeing that talent gel on the court.....and we are getting close to "time to peak" time folks.

UCONN has emerged as the best team in the country...with our without Dyson imho....and we were right there against Calhoun's squad...clearly talented enough to pull out a victory. Where has that Zag team and talent gone and what exactly are the coaches doing to re-discover it?

02-15-2009, 09:21 PM

Head coach Mark Few was blunt with his assessment. “Some of our guys are starting games way too casual. I think they’re trying to get into a flow and get others into the flow, (and) it’s leading to casual passes and silly turnovers. We were really efficient, if we didn’t turn the ball over.
“Sixteen turnovers — that’s too many. Jeremy has to quit turning the ball over. He’s just turning the ball over too much.”

Ole Roy
02-15-2009, 09:22 PM
I never cared much for the chair thrower, think i'll stick with Mr. FEW