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02-08-2009, 11:36 AM
We're 0-4 against Memphis in the modern era. We get beat whether it's there or here. The one thing nobody has thought of though is this: Unlike some programs we know of, not one person in Administration, coaching staff, students or even us fans has mention quitting the series. Even in defeat (this one was the worst), we love the series and want to continue. To me, this matters and reflects the true sportsmanship engendered in this program. Nobody needs to respond to this meager post.....can if you want to, but to me this one simple idea of college sportsmanship is why we have a program we all have developed. It matters........we'll get there...it's just a matter of time....and some luck. It's the dedication to finer ideals that makes us what we should be.

Yesterday, even in the early going, the kids threw in the towel for 30 minutes and we got creams. The players aren't the University though. The University is much bigger....and this one will schedule tough games no matter where or when. It's the competition, sportmanship and conduct we care about. AND we're all better for the "no quit" ideas of this University.

The end..and Go Zags.!!!

02-08-2009, 12:13 PM
There is a lot to respect in our continuing this series, and Calipari seems to recognize that, he was quoted in their newspaper stating that Gonzaga seems to bring out the best in them, THAT can only be a product of respect for our program, they talked about how much they prepared for this game, b/c they knew how good we can be. We didn't have that luxury this year, we played an away game against a very hot, very confident team in a hostile environment in Portland. Memphis simply does not see that sort of environment, I live in Conf. USA country, I live in Hattiesburg MS, home of USM, a decent team that is getting better, but Memphis doesn't face the hostile arena's and competition that we face. I am not making excuses for our team, I turned the tv off in embarrassment at the 10:00 minute mark -- but, after thinking about it a day, I remember the last time I turned off the tv after a Zags game, the UP game, and how proud I was of them, for going in there, and playing their bulldog hearts out. Memphis doesn't "draw" sell-outs their away conference games the way we do, the play a lot of games in empty arenas. Today, I am trying to give our guys a break, they have had one hell of a roller coaster ride this last few weeks, and they now get to go to Moraga, where once again, a packed gym of GU haters will be there, and they will once again have to bring everything to win.

I think they like our program, and it brings out the best in theirs, I am still proud of the Zags, though hurting now, eventually, we'll get them, but we need this game, even if it results in an embarrassment like last night. What doesn't kill us. . . . hopefully, we'll have learned something that will help later on.

02-08-2009, 01:36 PM
Let's keep things in perspective. Memphis came within a whisker of winning the whole thing last year for a reason. They are big, athletic and just plain better than us. So what, they are better than most teams, as they proved last year. Sportsmanship says we just tip our caps to Memphis and as fans, show appreciation for their skills.

I think our perspective on the Zags is suffering from over-hyped expectations. I think it's fair to say we're a top 25 team, but Final Four? Not really. We're good, but not that good.

With a skilled, true center on campus like a Baynes from WSU, Josh could've used his talents in the 4 spot and with the ball handlers, shooters and bench we already have, then maybe Elite 8 would be a realistic expectation. However, Josh is playing out of position - has for all five yearrs - and there's just not enough beef down low to realistically expect a deep run.

There's nothing wrong with appreciating the team we have. It's a good one and fun to watch, but it's not Final Four good and never should have been talked up as one.

Let's take a deep breath; appreciate the team for what it is; stop expecting it to be something it's not and stop with the disappointment when we are reminded it isn't.

Go Zags. There's still a lot left of the season and, with a little luck, probably a conference championship and maybe a trip to the Sweet Sixteen. Most fans in Amercia have no realistic hope that their team can achieve that level of success. We still do. It'd be a shame not to enjoy the journey.