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Zag 77
03-17-2007, 09:23 PM
Just a few thoughts now that the season is over and we can start to have some perspective on where this team went this year.

As for how it ended, as I said elsewhere, this team did about the best it could with what it had to work with. Sean and Derek were two great seniors to build on, but a lot of younger freshmen and sophs (and even a JC transfer) without a lot of NCAA experience.

I agree with Bob Zag that this team had to expend so much emotional energy the last few weeks of the season (coaches too) that when they got to the big dance, they were emotionally spent. I am no psychologist, but I have to feel that was a factor.

As time goes by, maybe we can look at this season as being a transitional year or a "bridge" year with the last of the players from the Morrison/Turiaf/Violette/Stepp era moving on, and the foundation being laid for the guys who will be leading this program over the next few years: Pargo, Bouldin, et al, and the 4 new recruits coming in next year. Yes, I realize that Pendo and P-Mac will be there, but you understand my thesis.

The coaches responded well to the Heytvelt-Davis thing, and were forced to use their best resources to respond. As for the University, I feel like they and the athletic administration have acted properly to this point.

Remember that 9 straight NCAA tournament appearances is a remarkable acheivement for this program and school when you look at the history of GU and its sports programs. The school is flourishing, new buildings and programs are in place, the alums have been generous with finances, and GU graduates are welcomed in the real world with respect.

So, it is OK to be a little sad that the season is over, but consider that we have a great team and a great institution to be proud of, and many more great days ahead. The next season will be here before you know it.

Finally, my appreciation for Bog Zag, Angelo, and many others that have created such a wonderful outlet for us to spend time with each other.

03-18-2007, 12:00 AM
I'm way too religious about basketball, but I feel like we should celebrate mass around this homily. Nicely said. The next tier we step to may be that GU meets lofty expectations. I hope so.

03-18-2007, 11:17 AM
Appreciate the above comments. I really like this year's squad. I expected more but didn't foresee the injuries, etc. Still, this was a gutty bunch.

Here's a nice thought: Next year's team adds FOUR Top-100 players plus a JUCO who a lot of D1 programs (reports say) were interested in. I immediately think of Rivals Top-100 players Daye, Gray, and Sacre. (Love the rhyming last names, if one "tweaks" the last one's pronunciation.) But Theo Davis, as I recall, was a Top-100 guy his senior year in Canada. Now he's, what?, 21 years old? Only a redshirt freshman and 21 years old. Plus, Ira Brown (got the name right this time!) is supposed to be somewhere around 23-24, right?

I'll be especially pleased if another Top-100 player (Scout.com), Larry Gurganious, is up to speed and healthy to play. That's FIVE Top-100 guys not available this year.

Goose bumps, goose bumps...


03-18-2007, 04:36 PM
Nicely said, 77. From April on last spring we began referring to this edition of the Zags as a transitional team, a team to get us from Point A (Ammo/JP) to Point B (Pargo/Bouldin/DownsPendo/Josh/07 frosh). An NIT team this year was not out of the question, so the team did exceed many expectations.

Some of the best programs struggled after losing such talent like Ammo/JP. Duke (JJ/Sheldon) and UConn (Gay/Armstrong/Boone/Anderson) are two that come to mind. As we saw, UW was unable to keep postseason going after losing Roy.

Thanks to the games in the Spokane Arena, and seeing how good some teams our guys beat, or almost beat, are doing, I'm starting to get pumped about next season already.