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03-16-2007, 07:19 PM
I keep hearing so many coaches in this year's tournament talk about the strength of their defense. How so many of them worry about scoring and how they are going to get shots. But less fear for their defense. Maybe it has always been this way and my ears are finally catching up. But I know that I have never heard any GU coach talk confidently in the strength of our defense and worry about how we would score. I am getting the impression that modern coaches are stressing defense more than they were say 10 years ago.

Teams like UCLA, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, Wash. St., and Ohio State seem to emphasize their defense as much or more than their offense. One thing they all have in common is that they have more games to play this weekend.

Have there been this many defense minded teams in the past or are you noticing a new committment to D??

03-16-2007, 07:25 PM
There have always been teams which center their system around solid defense, bit I definitely think there's a lot more emphasis on it in regions that typically haven't focused on it.

Lots of west coast programs seem to have really pushed that angle lately on their team, and to decent success.

My working theory on it is that the pedigree of a lot of the higher echelon recruits is one of already being a pretty seasoned prolific scorer.

More schools are getting players who can run in orchestrated offenses and play well in isolation.

With less to be done to hone a kid on offense it affords coaches to spend time getting them locked down on D.

Just one guy's hypothesis.

03-16-2007, 07:46 PM
Big 10 basketball always seems to have great defensive teams...Look how well they are doing in the tournament again this year. Gonzaga usually has a very tough time against Big 10 teams. I'll never forget the year we played Purdue in the DANCE. We looked as horrible that year as we did last night. Good defense often tends to make teams look bad....

In our last few games we were scoring a lot in the paint (to may amazement). But last night....almost nothing inside, and especially from our guards who had been developing good inside games (Bouldin & Pargo especially). We got nothing inside from our guads last night....That's typical Big 10 basketball. Oh and by the way...GU defense wasn't all that bad last nilght. We held them to 39% shooting. I'd say that wasnt bad. ONly problem was that they held us to 32%....thats horrible shooting (of course somewhat skewed by the fact that we missed 13 layups....or dropped passes that would have led to one of those lay-ups.