View Full Version : GU Womens Soccer coach hangs it up

Zag 77
01-15-2009, 08:36 AM

Shannon Stiles resigned after 10 years at GU. She had pretty much telegraphed over the last year that being a mom with 3 kids was too much on top of coaching. I would give her a "B" for her tenure. Got her team to the NCAA's in 2005, but has not been able to get over the hump as far as having consistently good teams. Recruiting always seemed to shun the Spokane area, so some good girls from Mead, G-Prep and the valley schools ended up going elsewhere and having solid careers. All in all, I think she has been a good transitional coach, getting the program running. Hopefully GU will bring in somebody good, given their commitment of bucks to improve the soccer complex.

Coach Stiles had an overall record of 79-103-11, but in fairness to her, in those early years GU was little more than a club team getting killed in the WCC.