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01-12-2009, 02:29 PM
MSU-Billings- Well, we had a huge turnout for the first GUnit thread of the season, a total of close to 60. Last season, the first game had about 10. Thanks for the votes, it's fun to get everyone's persepectives. The thing I loved about the voting for this first game, is having 7 different zags receiving votes! (Plus Voltron, he got 1). haha. The winner of the first GUnit was Mr. Josh Heytvelt! He received 27 votes, with Pargo pulling down 11, and Daye 9. And as one voter put it, I think this will be the first of many for Josh!

Idaho- Wowsers...a slightly one-sided vote here...Micah Downs puts on a shooting clinic against the Vandals, and takes his first GUnit of the year with 45 votes! Following behind in 2nd place with a total of two votes, Austin Daye.

Oklahoma State- Big time game for Micah Downs. This guy can be DANGEROUS! He brought home 53 votes. The zags really showed a lot of fight in this game. Ira! pulled in 14. Any other game, Ira! would have taken it home with his huge spark off the bench.

Maryland- HOLY COW!!! The return of JOSH HEYTVELT at his finest!!! The oop was CUHRAZY!! He showed such a vast array of shots and weapons, and pulled down 9 boards. This voting was INSANELY 1-sided. Josh brought home 60 votes!! Pargo and Daye also pulled in one each. GO ZAGS!

Tennessee- I don't know about yans, but I've been on cloud 9 all day after this huge win!! We had a massive voter turnout for this one. The GUnit was Steven Gray! with 43 of the votes. Jeremy Pargo brought in 17 votes. I also loved seeing 3 other zags getting votes as well. This bodes well for our team. One thing that I don't know if I will ever understand though...last season, Jeremy Pargo had only 1 or 2 games where he won the GUnit, yet, at the end of the season, he was unanimously voted the GUnit of the Season. And now, he wins the tourney mvp, yet, after 4 games, he still has not been given a GUnit. (I'm not saying this is right or wrong, it's just interesting). Now let's go stomp some Hoosiers!

Indiana- Not the prettiest game to watch, but we showed some fight and got the job done, and that's what counts. This vote was spread out all over the place, 5 different guys had votes. Josh Heytvelt brings it home with 33 votes (AND I got a picture with him!!! Holla!!) Pargo got 8 votes, MB had 6.

Wash St.- Jeez guys, thanks for all the votes. It's awesome to get so much participation because you get all sorts of great points of view. This was the biggest voter turnout we've had yet, and one of the best battle's for GUnit we've ever had. Jeremy Pargo took this game with 58 votes, but Josh was right there with 30. That's just awesome if you ask me. And just to add my 2 cents, which is likely not even worth that, but I believe Jeremy deserves this GUnit outright for a couple reasons. Angelo Roncalli said it best, Jeremy Pargo literally changed the game in 70 seconds with 4 key plays. He also had 11 points and 10 assists, which means Jeremy was literally responsible for about half of the points Gonzaga scored in the game. I don't want to take anything away from a FANTASTIC game by Josh, but I think the right guy got the GUnit this week. Don't worry...Josh will bring home many more.

Arizona- No GUnit for a loss...

Texas Southern- Big game for Matty Bouldin, and he takes the GUnit with 27. Coming in second was Downs with 7, Josh gets 5, and making what I believe is his first appearance in a vote....WILL FOSTER with 4!!! I love it.

UConn- Such a hard-fought game, but no GUnit for a loss...

Portland St.- No GUnit for a loss...

Utah- Sigh...

Tennessee- Such a huge win...HUGE HUGE HUGE. ESPN says the zags have their mojo back, and for the second straight win, the Bouldergeist takes the GUnit with a massive tally of 64!! Will Foster makes yet another appearance and grabs 1 vote!! Keep up the hard work Will! I think this is a turning point in our season. ***I am also starting a new trend for the GUnit, I'm going to pick one post from the GUnit voting thread, and add it here. I'll pick a post that I think makes a nice point, argument, interesting, etc.*** This week, the post is by TM27- "Bouldin....one of the top ALL around Zag performances I have seen during the run. For sure the best GAME in his GU career...remember when Matt was nowhere to be found against top comp? What a stud!"

Portland- Great all around game for the zags. Not the most exciting one to watch, but a W is a W. Matt Bouldin takes the GUnit with 35 votes, but Gray got plenty of love too, with 14. The comment I liked most, was by Ezag- "Bouldin was everywhere, doing everything, with no turnovers". Very true...and that's huge.

01-18-2009, 04:42 PM
Update on Santa Clara game.

First thing Monday morning, they'll BOTH be up!! Thanks for checkin. :-)