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12-22-2008, 10:16 AM
With our ability to penetrate and attack the rim at will, why don't the Zags attempt to drive the lane even more? We've been successful in taking the ball to the hoop and scoring at ease against teams such Tennessee, Maryland, WSU, and UCONN. These are some of THE best man-to-man defenses in the country. We have built large leads against every single team we've faced by executing the dribble drive off our ball screens, then squander our lead(s) by settling for off balance threes and missing them. What gives?

If we are going to launch an occastional three, then create the open shot by penetrating and kicking out to the open man. I'm all for shooting threes to extend defenses, yet when something is clearly working why make the game more difficult than it has to be? If we are unable to score off the drive, our physical guards will most likely draw more fouls when we attack the rim. Several people will state the opposing defenses adjust their defense and begin to crowd the lane, yet if you watch the game vs UCONN, you'll clearly see the lane was wide open toward the end of the game with Thabeet out, but Heytvelt, Pargo, Downs, and Bouldin all launched three's without anyone blocking the lane.

Our guard-oriented offense and personnel allow for the hoop to be open the majority of the time. Considering Heytvelt and Daye like to float toward the perimeter or extend the baseline, the players guarding them do as well. With players like Pargo, Gray, Meech, Daye, and Bouldin we should be taking advantage of this opportunity more. Heytvelt and Daye's "perimeter" game was a blessing in disguise vs UConn. We attacked the rim for stretches against UConn and it worked beautifully, yet we drift away from what is working. Its more than frustrating to watch us "give away" these type of games. That said, I love the fact we have five or six players who can shoot three's above average, yet we can exploit defenses with our dribble/drive/penetration and we never stick with it. I'm hoping the players are learning how to score and realize they have a strength that no one has been able to stop to date...stick with it.

12-22-2008, 11:18 AM
The key right now is finishing. "Attacking the rim" is a good way of putting it, as opposed to "attacking the paint". They are getting into the paint enough, but not finishing strong at the basket. This was very apparent vs. UConn. UConn's guards got to the paint, drew the defender, and dished to a big for an aggressive finish. Our guards would get inside and either not draw a defender and then either just stop or finish weakly or, if they did draw a defender the big didn't avail himself for the pass. Just another thing to work on. Doing this will put the Zags on the foul line more as well.