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03-15-2007, 07:58 AM
Celebrities Jump Gonzaga Band Wagon

SPOKANE – Near a placid leg of the Spokane River sits Gonzaga University, a small Jesuit university in eastern Washington State and the home of the Bulldog basketball team. The “Zags” are typically considered underdogs on the big stage of college basketball, a sport dominated by big name big schools. Tonight they play the storied Indiana Hoosiers in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Their scrappy style of play and take on all comers attitude has drawn national attention, with a few people dubbing them America’s Team. But who knew they were Hollywood’s Team?

The latest Gonzaga fan is retired pop singer Britney Spears. Although the average Zag practice is longer than Spears’ stays in rehab, Spears says she wants to be “more like them,” focusing on a goal and never giving up. Her favorite player is senior guard, Derek Raivio of Vancouver, Washington. To show solidarity with Raivio, the saucy singer recently shaved her head. “I just adore him,” she said.

How does a full time mom in rehab even hear about Gonzaga basketball especially when she “just doesn’t read newspapers” and has never watched a game. “Gawd, what is Sports Center anyway, I mean really.”

In this case, the answer is even stranger: Britney heard it from gal pal Madonna. “You know Madonna is just a big, big fan of Gonzaga especially after they named that dorm after her. When she found that out, she was just like so happy and so into it. She named both her dog and her personal trainer Aloysius. Its all about love.”

Oprah Winfrey will bring her show to Spokane next week after settling a long running dispute with her team of food tasters who had earlier refused to come to Spokane citing safety concerns. Winfrey will kick off a drug abstinence program that encourages young adults to affirm a drug-free lifestyle. The “We’re Not Joshing” Campaign will begin at Spokane Falls with 2K fun run/walk and end at the White Rabbit Café on Boone Avenue.

Ultimately it is the man and the woman in the street who chooses who is America's Team. Alice, a regular at the White Rabbit, rejects the America's Team banner. "This America thing is just wrong. Come on, the Zags are not American's team. They're the Western Hemisphere's team. And that's no bull."


03-15-2007, 08:53 AM
Hysterical and refreshing...thanks.:D

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ahhh priceless. Atta way to kick off the tourney.