View Full Version : Any Lady Zag fans going to Stanford?

03-14-2007, 08:08 PM
Say hello to one of our moderators on the BlueRaiderZone.com. He'll be the big dude in the blue and white Dr. Seuss hat.

If you can catch him, he will be the one you want to party with.

He is a riot!!

Good luck to your girls, we at the BlueRaiderZone wish all of our opponents good luck. We are class acts, if we do say so ourselves;)

Please visit us at our women's hoops board at http://www.BlueRaiderZone.com.

If you folks are anything like Idaho folks, we will get along fine.

I have been to Spokane once upon a time. Stockston and Malone are my favorite duo of all-time.

Go MT, and geaux Jags!!