View Full Version : Season's theme: Exorcising demons

12-04-2008, 08:11 AM
Not sure why it didn't occur to me earlier, but GU seems uniquely suited this year to get a lot of payback for some stinging past defeats.

--The Zags already got some payback for last year's BIS loss to Tennessee and can double it in January.

--Come Saturday the Zags can put the beatdown on a down Indiana program, helping (me, at least) put that agonizing opening round Tourney loss of a couple years ago to bed.

--WSU has gotten the best of the Zags the last few years and effectively imposed their meatgrinder will on the team, reinforcing the Zags' soft/finesse rap. Time to bite the Cougs on their home floor.

--In a couple weeks the Zags can finally take care of business against Arizona. While one of the greatest tourney games of all time, the double OT loss in '03 was also one of the most painful.

--The Zags already got some revenge against UConn last year, but I hate Calhoun the Goon enough to pray his burger boys are humiliated on the national stage and fly home wondering, "Why can't we beat anyone from the WCC?"

--Enough losing to Memphis! This is the year the Zags have superior talent and athleticism.

It's just too bad the Zags don't have F-UCLA on the schedule. Maybe an Elite 8 matchup awaits ...

12-04-2008, 09:01 AM
A very good thred FuMan. I enjoyed reading it. Because Coach Mark Few has an attitude of "we'll play anyone" attitude Dr. Krause has certainly scheduled in some awesome schools to play over the last ten years. You've outlined some very difficult losses for us all. I've identified this years team as a team of Redemption in an earlier post this morning. The games yu've outlined in your post would certainly be a part of that. You know, oddly enough, I forgot about that aweful loss to Indiana two years ago. I'm kind of that way. I remember our victory over them I think the year before when Adam played in his Last NCAA tournament. That too was a great game because we beat them. I remember that Indiana team had some great 3 pt shooters which I hear this one also has....

12-04-2008, 09:38 AM
Saturday GU will beat the Hoosiers and wipe out the Indy curse. Last time in Indy they got smoked by Illinois (a final 4 team with 3-4 future pros); I was there to witness the carnage. The tide has changed and GU gets to dominate an undermanned Big 10 team.