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11-30-2008, 10:07 PM
So I have to work until 7pm, game starts at 7:30; what to do? Well, seeing as I was the only one staying until close, I did what any loyal Zag fan would do and closed down my booth at 6:50 pm. It really wasn't a big deal seeing as the Central Florida International Auto Show was already virtually empty. As I waited for Mrs. Spy and Baby Spy to pick me up and rush me back to the hotel so I could get outta my suit and into my Zags gear I received a text from Mrs. AUBZag telling me that my ticket would be waiting for me in a plastic bag hidden under a sign that read "hospitality" (very spy like ;) ). I dropped my two girls off at the hotel, Baby Spy just turned 1 on Monday so she's just a wee bit too young to attend Zag games yet, and drove to the Wide World of Sports Complex like a mad man. The parking was so packed I had to park in Sea World (not really but waaaay far). I ran like a Spy possessed, looked under aforementioned sign and lo and behold my tickets were there. Mrs. AUBZag is now an honorary spy.

I hurriedly make my way into the Milk House, call Mrs. AUBZ to find out where we were sitting and I am shocked to find out that I am in the front row, directly behind the Zags bench. Now keep in mind, I only met Mr. and Mrs. AUBZag at our game on Thanksgiving night, yet they were so kind as to purchase my ticket for tonights game (I couldn't make Friday's, had to work) and save me a seat. Folks, Zags fans have to be some of the best people out there and Mr. and Mrs. AUBZ are Exhibit A. :000tens:

Now to the game; prior to tip off (Oh yeah, regardless of my maniacal driving I was 20 minutes early) I whispered sotto voce to the AUBZ's that I thought that we'd win by 12. They in turn thought that I was indeed nuts and felt that it would be a nail biter.

Long story short, the Vols are physical, too physical at times, yet despite our poor free throw shooting once again, talent, heart and determination prevailed. I'm gonna say in again for the umptheenth time, this team is GOOD, REAL GOOD, YES FINAL FOUR GOOD.

We are the epitome of a team, not one superstar but a collective whole of very, very talented basketball players. Other than Zag Nation the rest of the country does not realize how good we are.

I knew for months that we were going to be in Orlando for the tournament. I only found out a month ago that my job would be taking me here at the same time. I thank God for that, thank the Zags for the joy they bring and thanks the AUBZ's for being so darn cool. Go Zags. P.S. Pics to follow. It's 1:04 am and Mrs. Spy wants to head out by 4:30 am so baby Spy will sleep for a long time on the road.

12-02-2008, 05:51 AM
Hey Spy do you or for that matter does anybody know who was wearing the Gonzaga cycling jersey at the games? He was close to the front rows and was on TV a couple times. Go Zags is OK with his old hockey sweater, he earned the right, but I'm not too sure about style points wearing a lycra spandex cycling jersey to the game, and I have one too. Jeez, I wouldn't even wear it in front of the TV at home.

12-02-2008, 09:48 AM
I'll have to pay more attention to the folks sitting behind the bench. It was fun to watch on TV, it had to be 10x more fun in person. Glad you had a good time, Spy, and glad it was a win.