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11-29-2008, 07:30 PM
From the story on GoVolsxtra.com (http://www.govolsxtra.com/news/2008/nov/29/more-pearls-wisdom-gonzaga-will-try-block-career-v/):

Gonzaga's Mark Few - the only major college coach other than North Carolina's Roy Williams with a better winning percentage than Pearl - said his team has its work cut out.

"You have to have a mature, methodical approach when playing Tennessee,'' Few said. "They make you do some crazy things. They put you in some crazy positions with ball traps at half-court.

"They put guys in positions they are not used to being put in."

Few and the Bulldogs discovered that last season, when the Vols won 82-72 in the "Battle in Seattle'' at Key Arena.

"We couldn't have played any better against them last season,'' Pearl said. "That was only (Josh) Heytvelt's second game back from an injury, and he's clearly back in form.''
"They possess (North) Carolina-like weaponry,'' Pearl said. "Gonzaga and North Carolina look to be the two best teams in the country, offensively, and with Mark Few, Gonzaga is incredibly well coached.''

Few said he has been impressed with Pearl's achievements through the years.

"Bruce has such a positive, engaging personality, and his guys like to play for him,'' Few said. "There's not as much of a difference in them from last year as we expected, and that's a credit to Bruce.

"I thought losing JaJuan (Smith), Chris (Lofton) and others (Duke Crews, Ramar Smith and Jordan Howell), they might fall off a bit, but that's just not the case.''Aw, Bruce! You ain't been on guboards after a loss, obviously. There are at least a dozen armchair quarterbacks here who think they could run the team better than Mark Few .... ;)

11-29-2008, 08:06 PM
Matty B was high scorer for the Zags at the B.I.S., with 21 points (http://gozags.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/stats/2007-2008/gonmb13.html). Josh and Pendo tied for second with 12 each, Daye with 11, Pargo and Gray tied with 8.

Will it be Matty B again?


Will Steven Gray stay upright on the hardwood instead of prone?


Or will one or both of these guys put up the big numbers we know they're capable of?


Micah only played twelve minutes and had one point at the B.I.S. Timing could be right for him to show his stuff (seen here with Sacre guarding Tyler Smith).


11-29-2008, 08:35 PM
Great photos. I was there at last years BIS and came away really impressed with Tennessee. Are they as good as they were last year? Hmmm...

I'm not much of an X's and O's guy, but my feeling on this game is that they are going to really go after Daye and Heytvelt. Two guys who really present matchup problems and can score in bunches. Micah is going to have to be the guy in this one as well as Pargo. Steven will be the "X" factor. If he can score coming off the bench and get his shot honed in he might just go off. I like Gonzaga on this neutral floor.