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11-22-2008, 01:13 PM
Was catching up with the GU Bulletin this morning; the 11/21 issue has a fairly comprehensive article on the Zags scheduling process. Written by Blaire Ritter, the piece includes extensive quotes from Coach Krause.

Link - Free Registration Required (http://media.www.gonzagabulletin.com/media/storage/paper375/news/2008/11/21/Sports/Intricacies.Abound.In.Crafting.Schedule-3557369.shtml)

After finalizing dates, Krause schedules the games in and around previously scheduled network programming.

"Television truly dictates what time we play. Even though we have the non-conference games contracted, the networks schedule the specific times," he said.

The networks only schedule times, they never suggest matchups or force games upon schools.

"The networks are open-minded. If they see a game they like, they'll pick it up," Krause said.

This season, 13 of Gonzaga's games will be aired on ESPN's family of networks. KHQ and FSN will also pick up 13 games and CBS and Fox will televise one game each. This marks the fifth consecutive season that all the men's basketball games will be televised.

Generally, the networks are involved, but their level of involvement depends on the matchup.

"They are usually not involved until the schedule is set. Somewhere along the process they'll be involved. They might be only involved a little. Depending on the attractiveness of the matchup, they might get very involved," Krause said.

11-22-2008, 02:38 PM
Anyone up for one big conference call for each of the FSN games? Perhaps BoZarth could give us the play-by-play. :)

11-22-2008, 04:53 PM
Kudos to Blaire.

I found it interesting in and as yet, has not been beaten into the ground :horse:

Not to nit-pick, but Michigan State is a potential opponent. And although Roth says "on campus" with regards to :espn: and Gameday, we know that isn't how the story turns out.