View Full Version : Interesting comment from ESPN

11-13-2008, 09:09 PM
10. Gonzaga -- How much longer is Mark Few going to keep plodding away at perennial Top 25 Gonzaga when he could have his pick of jobs from lousy programs that compete in prestigious major conferences? The man is insane! He is a crazy person!


11-13-2008, 09:17 PM
I love ESPN's Page 2. They do a great job with saracasm and there is definitely plenty in this comment.

11-14-2008, 01:39 PM

13. Memphis -- Don't think Memphis plays a tough schedule? Well, that doesn't say much about you, since the Tigers are scheduled to play your rec team next week.

Is this the basketball equivalent of a "your mama" joke?

11-14-2008, 02:40 PM
This one's good, too.

18. USC -- Super freshman DeMar DeRozan has big shoes to fill with O.J. Mayo's departure. Hopefully DeRozan's shoes won't be as expensive as the ones Mayo had.