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03-12-2007, 09:03 AM
I've been following Indiana ball a bit this year, and I'm excited about the matchup this Thursday. Here are my thoughts (a bit long and rambling--sorry.)

It's actually a good draw for both teams, because neither team is very strong inside. IU's leading scorer, DJ White, provides a more consistent inside threat, especially on offense, than we are able to muster at this point (post-Josh).

One thing to keep in mind is that this is NOT a rematch. Obviously, our Zags have changed, but Sampson is a VERY different coach from Davis, and last year DJ White was out with a broken foot. Sampson has them playing very tough, defense-oriented ball.

Although they are not strong offensively, they have a very balanced attack, with 4 guys averaging close to or over 10 ppg (in a relatively low-scoring offense).

Their guard Calloway had a career game against us last year (just short of a triple double), and he is lightning quick. He also plays out of control sometimes and has an inconsistent outside shot. We must keep him out of the paint, where he can be problematic, especially if he draws fouls from our bigs (or should I say mids?).

Most dangerous player, IMO: Rod Wilmont. This guy can be inconsistent, but he has the potential to be deadly from the 3. Think DeRogatis, only better able to find his own shot (scary!). Good news: he tends to disappear in Hoosier losses. If GU can neutralize him (p-mac?), we have a good shot at winning.

X factor: frosh guard Armon Basset--he averages 9.4 ppg, but not consistently--he'll go off for 18 one night and have 4 the next. (He had 25 in IU's loss to Michigan State and 18 in IU's loss to ILL, but only 5 in a loss to MICH and 4 in a win against Penn St.). I say better for him to go off on us if we can take Wilmont out of the game.

DJ White: well, he's a better post player than anyone we've got--decent post moves and OK range (16-18 feet). His footwork is not the best, however, especially on defense. Let him get his 10-15 pts, but make sure he doesn't control the boards. He's a pretty good rebounder (6.8 rpg), but IU's frontline is thin enough (and they shoot enough 3's) that our guards should be able to get some boards. Since IU is not dangerous in transition, we should make getting offensive boards a priority (Downs/Kuso). Getting in position for those boards may also help get DJ White in foul trouble (although he's usually pretty good at managing his fouls).

IU has been very effective this year guarding the 3, and they will most likely play GREAT defense against D-Rav. I don't think he's likely to have a great scoring game (unless he can drive and/or get to the line). He should look for the pick and pop and/or roll with Downs/Bouldin/Pendo--Micah needs to start hitting, and Bouldin should play aggressively. Bouldin should also be able to post up whoever the put on him.

The Zags must also push the tempo. IU will want to slow things down and grind it out.

IU has a very poor road record, which also may bode well for the Zags.

Bottom line--even matchup. Anyone else see that historically the 7/10 game is 50/50? I think the all-time record was 40-40 or something like that. At this moment, IU is favored by one point.

My prediction: Zags will shock IU with their intensity...D-Rav held to 8 pts, but Rod Wilmont scores only 7. Pendo and Downs combine for 40, Bouldin gets 15 plus 9 assists. Zags win, 74-67.

Edited to add: Pargo should be able to drive on these guys, especially in transition. I'd like to see us press some in order to force the tempo.

03-12-2007, 09:08 AM
thanks for the thoughtful post

03-12-2007, 09:12 AM
Looks good Thomas. Thanks!

hoosier zag
03-12-2007, 10:53 AM
Lifelong hoosier, new zag fan...

Agree with your assessment, especially about Wilmont. His disappearance, especially in Big10 road games, has been very frustrating to Hoosier fans.

Watch out for 3-point shooting from Stemler, Ratliff, Bassett, & Calloway. If one or two get hot....

Here's to a good game.........

Sneaky Long
03-12-2007, 11:13 AM
Great Post! Run-and-gun as much as possible.