View Full Version : Is this the last Dickau charity game?

Zag 77
09-04-2008, 02:40 PM
Dan is out of the NBA. He plays overseas. His personal contacts with NBA guys will be diminished. Fan interest has not increased. It is not cheap to put these games on, and I don't know if free rent (of which I have no idea) for K2 makes it turn a BIG profit.

Unless its a full house tonight, this may be the last roundup; but Dan still deserves a lot of credit for the 4 years he has put it on.

09-05-2008, 09:46 AM
Although I haven't been to past events, I would assume last nights crowd was one of the smaller crowds for this event. Not many faces in the crowd. Rodney Stucky was neat to watch.

09-05-2008, 09:58 AM
over 3,000 people there.
nice to see Scalibrini didn't back out, when all the other NBA players (except Stuckey) were not going to be there.
Richie looked GREAT! top scorer of the night!

great to have 5 players (Santangelo, Frahm, Calvery, Floyd, & Nielsen) of the 1999 team all on the floor together again.....not suprising that their team beat the other team! :)

09-05-2008, 11:37 AM
The event was terrific but the crowd energy was muted.

The game itself was entertaining. Stuckey is explosively fast and he and Frahm were playing almost for real - at least most of the time.

Toward the end players from the current roster started trickling in, looking as if they just got out of practice -- Jeremy, Micah, Steven, Ira, Austin, Will, Robert. Few and his son also came and were beaming the whole time.

Very cool to see so many players from 98-99 on the floor playing together.

Dan broadcast a video message at the outset stating that he was very sorry to be missing it and that he looks forward to next year. Fingers crossed.

09-06-2008, 12:32 PM
i was sitting right behind the white team bench, where the current players came in and sat.. i thought it was interesting the WHOLE team was there including poling gibbs and goodson but the only one missing was josh... why?

09-06-2008, 04:19 PM
who knows - Josh may have been receiving physical therapy, or whirlpool therapy, on the foot after a long BB practice; he may have had a class (since he's in grad school now & not undergrad, his class schedule will be significantly different from the other players...

I don't think we should be entering into any speculation or raising any eyebrows about anything at this early date in the year.