View Full Version : Is it time to change the Scheduling?

03-10-2007, 11:52 AM
After listening & watching all the talking heads, I have come to the conclusion that as far as they are concerned a mediocre Big Conference BCS team is to be preferred over ANY Mid Major regardless of ratings. Its obvious that if we played nothing but top 20 teams and did not beat 90% of them we would get little or no credit for the Scheduling. Its time to grasp the Mid-Major label and be proud of it. I can see about 3-4 games per season with such as the PAC-TEN, ACC, SEC, or any of the other BIGS, be it the TEN, TWELVE, or EAST. Then flesh out the non-Conference schedule with other programs ala Memphis, Creighton, Southern Ill., Xavier, Dayton, Villanova, Winthrop, Bradley,St. Joe's,. I might also throw in a cream puff or two.Also more HOME Games should be scheduled with at least three being played in the Arena, where any of the aforementioned opponents would be a sell-out. IMHO a typical Gonzaga non-conference schedule would read: 1. Memphis(home),2. Creighton (road), 3.Boise State (home) 4. Southern Il. (road), 5. St. Louis (road),6. Winthrop (home),7. WSU (home),8. St. Josephs (road) 9.Villanova (road) 10. West Virgina (?), 11.Texa Tech(?). This is just an idea of what I had in mind, road costs could be kept in line with playing two away games in approximately the same area such as Phillly area- St. Josephs, Villanova, Lasalle, Temple etc... St. Louis area- St. Louis U.,Southern Il., Evansville,Bradley...., South Carolina- Winthrop, South Carolina, Clemson, Charleston., Omaha-Creighton, Nebraska,Missouri.. you get the idea. This would give us a tough but not overwheming pre- Conference, and the quality & reputation of opponents like this will get us just as much respect from the talking heads as a suicidal resume like this years. Face it, if we had not won the Conference Tourney, there would be NO NCAA bid. What think the rest of you?, am I nuts?

03-10-2007, 12:47 PM
This year's schedule was an anomoly. GU didn't know for sure they'd end up in MSG for the Preseason NIT, and that Duke game at MSG was scheduled last year because the opportunity presented itself and the Zags HAD TO jump on it. The Stanford and Memphis games were perfect. Only ones that really bugged me were Georgia and Virginia. Georgia was ill-timed, and was it even part of a home-and-away deal? Virginia was part of a home-and-away deal and under other conditions would have been a good game, but GU was spent, VA was on fire and the result was utter devastation. I love the Battle in Seattle, especially when it involves a top 15 team. Hell, I thought this year's matchup might be a stinker, but it turns out Nevada is a real power. Bottom line: I don't think we should overhaul the schedule based on one rough stretch with a young/transitioning team. Playing an insane OOC sked is what makes the Zags the Zags. They need to ease up on the post-finals scheduling, but the overall philosophy is sound. Take on all comers! If the 2008-09 Zags had played this schedule, it would have set them up for a No. 1seed, IMO.

03-10-2007, 01:08 PM
Plus, we'd have to play at least as hard, if not harder, agaist other top flight mid-majors and not get as much credit for it. Why go play Creighton (for example) on the road when a win is nice, but not a recognizable name win and a loss doesn't look all that good? Instead, play (say) Virginia or Maryland or Texas - a win looks good over a big-name program, it's still a tough game, but those teams won't scrap and claw as hard early because they know they can take a loss if it comes to it since their conference is coming up. Nevada or Creighton doesn't always have that/think that way.

03-10-2007, 01:43 PM
I think Gonzaga needs to go back to how they structured their non-league league schedule the 2-3 years prior to this season. The schedule was still challenging, but it didn't involve nearly as much travel, and it allowed GU to take a breather and play a cupcake here and there to work on things instead of taking on one heavy hitter after the next.

I also believe you will never see Gonzaga play a road game after finals week ever again. They'll play a home game against a Big Sky team or something. It would also be best to avoid road games after the Xmas break if possible. Also, only play one non-league game during conference play.......GU really needs to have a week during league play where they only play one game.

03-10-2007, 02:03 PM
Gonzaga is a mid-major team in a mid-major conference. Deal with it. Coach Few deals with it by setting up challenging non-conference schedules. This years was particularly tough. If I was a player on the team I'd look forward to those games. I'd want coach Few could make the match-ups as interesting and challenging as possible (with maybe just a little less travel). But that's just me. Let the talking heads and pro-BCS bloggers try and rub our noses in our "lesser" status. GU seems to play better with a chip on their shoulders. Anyone, any time, any place.