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08-13-2008, 08:45 PM

Austin Daye is taking things slow after the medical confusion he had to endure last month.

Daye was injured at the LeBron James Skills Academy in early July and it appeared to be a hamstring injury. Then he went to an Orange County doctor, who informed him hed need season-ending surgery for a torn ACL.

``I was shocked, Daye said. Because everyone was telling me it was just a hamstring.

However, Daye and his family opted to receive two more opinions and both were in agreement that Dayes injury was a very slight tear in his knee and a bone bruise.

``They said it was just 2-3 weeks, Daye said. ``But I know its not the smartest thing to do, so Im taking some time off and enjoying my time at home. I just want to get my leg as strong as I can before practice starts.

While having to sit and watch the local Say No league in California has been difficult, it hasnt been nearly as tough as it would have been had he not been able to play this season one in which Daye and his teammates are hoping to make a deep tournament run.

``We have almost everyone back and I feel as though we have enough senior leadership and talent to make a run, Daye said. Last year we may have taken things for granted because some of us were young.

I love that Austin is mentioning the maturity that is needed to go deep in the tourney, if Austin, Steven, and Rob can all get this idea, then we could be in for a special season