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08-09-2008, 12:32 PM
As GU has lost all momentum in recruiting..... Bob's excellent thread that helps die hard fans have something fun to do when Gonzaga is not playing basketball. Thanks Bob

I have a dream. A hope. The perfect Gonzaga day.

Austin Daye finishes his college career hitting a 3 pointer to win his final game and the national championship....and then throws off his jersey to show #25 painted on his chest in Pendo red. Pendo is the first to reach the floor and give his old roommate a hug.

This caps a season where Austin is unstopable on offense, when bigger men crowd him he has become an expert at drawing fouls and shooting 90% to crush their spirit while they are on the bench with fouls. On defense he is a menacing animal blocking everyones shot inside and out. His passing has become as legendary as Adam's shot and he is second for asssits in WCC behind Jeremy Pargo.

Of course Jeremy finishes every game like he did against Standford a few years ago and is expected to be drafted just a few spots behind the #1 pick Austin Daye.

Steven Gray has a Stephen Curry like March torching opposing teams in everyway possible with his outstanding physical abilities, but mostly from 3 point line being the best shooter in college basketball since Adam Morrison.

The nation finds out that Gonzaga is loaded with tall athletic stoppers in the paint. Josh is blocking shots and rebounding like of old. Sacre has become such a strong dominating body that people are afraid of the physical abuse he puts on them like a hockey game where people have picked on a star like Austin one to many times. And Will is brought in to completely shut down any inside play of team without 3 point shooters. Big teams with bad 3 point average face a line up of Will, Sacre, Josh, Daye, and Micah Downs. Every other opposing shot is blocked setting the all time one game record in college basketball.

No we reach the scary part of the Gonzaga team. Experienced athletic role players like the kind that have hurt us in the past. Bouldin, Downs, Ira, Gibbs and Meech.

Ira has become a defensive stopper that gives opposing team weaker dribbler migraines as he continually picks their pockets, ride their every move and then goes down and dunks over them.

Meech is the kind of guy other teams can't match up with his speed and by March he has found a groove that he alone wins a couple of tournament games getting opposing teams into foul trouble bumping into him. He is like Steve Nash dribbling thru the whole opposing team so fast they just frankly lose their desire to play.

Gibbs is the guy everyone wants to forget about but he just hits 3's like Gray and passes like Austin. He is the ultimate Gonzaga player learning how to fill a role like Pendo and hurting you endlessly vs. making mistakes.

Downs become the 6th man of the year type player who is not the best in any one thing, but one of the best in everything combined. He settles into a role of knowing exactly when to push the advantage he has on defense and offense. He develops NBA level of shutting down any opposing player. He can hit a high percentage 3 from range, he has become the favorite target of Daye for cutting passes for thunder dunks and when the put a tall guy on him, he quickly isolates, drives by and embarrases their defensive speed.

Matt becomes the best player that is not the best in college basketball. He know has a sense on when the advantage is his and when it isn't. He takes apart other teams because his team know when he has the advantage. His 3 point shooting is scary good, his post up causes the opposing team to have to change their whole game plan, and he has Pendo's knack for the game.

I've been mulling over some other thoughts, being as objective as possible...

This is the year the talent like Adam plays with the complete game like the Zags of old. Every game is a breakthru experience - showcasing the best of each player best game that turns into consistent performance. There are no major injuries, and God gives the Zags our dream season.

zag buddy
08-09-2008, 01:12 PM
Good post, I like your thinking.

08-09-2008, 01:47 PM
GREAT POST! Truly the first post that has brought me out of my recent slum caused by our misfortunes in recruiting.

08-09-2008, 03:16 PM
WOW -26053 point(s) total for hoping for the best for the Zags.

Sorry :( to whoever I offended.

:mad: Doubts and Concerns:... 08-09-2008 03:19 PM wow. pass the kool-aid

So much for hopes and dreams, I guess there is no magic in the Zags like in the past.

It has all been used up on Ronny, Adam, Dan, Casey, ........:confused:

08-09-2008, 03:44 PM
Just like some people will get irritated with BobZag creating a "negative" thread about realistic concerns...many will get equally upset about an over-optimistic thread that puts unrealistic expectations on players

08-10-2008, 08:09 AM
I'll have what you're having.................

08-10-2008, 02:52 PM
Zags-Bsee. I'm not worthy. And on the same note, thanks to all Zags across this planet. U inspire me. Thanks 4 b eng a Z.

Austin Zag. If you throw Pendo the jersey, I will tackle him. I will wear # 5 out of the Ford Center. OK. I don't want a piece of the rattle snake hunter, but I might charge any Pittsburg Steeler fans.

08-12-2008, 12:34 AM
they toss you negative rep out of jealousy that they cant live in a happy world . . .. instead they mire in the swamps of negativity. I for one GREATLY appreciate the positivity!:D