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08-09-2008, 08:54 AM
Okay, wiseguys, at the start of the really, really slow but critical time in the recruiting calendar, when anything good can happen only behind the scenes, one of you started (and others have contributed) to a negative thread destined to lurk for a while and poison the waters for fun, productive discussions .

You dug this hole, now the challenge is on you to start the process of digging us out of it, by posting something to talk folks back from the ledge you've led them to ... Here you go ....


I would speculate that that shovel is intended to clean up after the guboards equivalent of this guy ...


And I would take off the table such compliments as "You don't sweat much for a fat girl ..."

So, please, pray tell, why on earth would a great recruit choose Gonzaga?

08-09-2008, 09:11 AM
So, please, pray tell, why on earth would a great recruit choose Gonzaga?

I'm not an elder, but MDABE80 answers this much better than I can.

An outstanding post (http://www.guboards.spokesmanreview.com/showthread.php?p=241807#post241807).

08-09-2008, 09:17 AM
God almighty! I'm doing everything I can to avoid that wretched, ill-conceived thread. And Abe isn't the guy I'm talking to anyway - not that he's not an elder, but I'm talking about those with negative posts on that thread.

Just so it's unnecessary to give that exercise in self-flagellation any more hits than necessary, here's Abe's post:

Helps if we go far in the NCAA tournament....seems recruiting is easier. But not always....we recruted Autin after and early out. Few shares the family's wishes to bring kids along slower and yet plan on an entry to the NBA. COllege experience with GU is much more tailored to the student/family in a protected environment with the Jesuit community standing behind gently guiding the process. It matters!

This school is different for the large secular places. We have a heart and our first priority is the kids, families and education. Too often some of us want to emulate the larger places in bigger leagues......usually state schools. To be what we are though..is actually our strong suit. Parents know that when the kids enter, we follow them and look after them like they're our own. We want the student-athletes to excell in studies, personal growth and in athletics ( if they choose).

SO yes, we might be losing the one and done types who are pretty self centered and thinking of money in the NBA or MLB. There's plenty left though and even though we flagged early the past few seasons...good kids still show up. Families direct them to us for many of the reasons above. It's always good to keep your prinicples even though we might lose some "personalities". Our mission remains intact.

As for the recruits, best to have some that fit and fit nicely instead of those that don't and become disruptive to the team and the institution's mission.
We have good citizens and good athletes. NO program wins ALL the time. We've only arrived on the big time stage in the past 10 years and so we build our legacy each year. It'll come...........and it'll come when it's supposed to.
This upcoming year, we have the best talent in history for this small school. We have facilities, good schedules, jets, TV, gently alumni and a fan base that would sit 10,000 for every game. We'll do fine in years to come. If we don't snag a top 10 recruiting class each year (well ever), GU remains a top 25 program for the past 20 years and a top 15 program for the past 10 years.

If the powers that be favor us with an injury free year, grab your chairs. Recruits will show up in droves. Remember though, we only have 5 kids out there at one time and 8 frontliners each year. We have 4 AA candiates this year and 4 the NBA.net likes too. It's the journey fellas....we have an uncluttered future. Things work out. Good kids always come....and they become better while they're at GU. End.Reborn also had some great posts on that thread.

However, to me, the overall tenor of the thread was to leave a bad taste about the program, a gauntlet thrown down to who those who see our prospects as a glass three-fourths full, rather than half-empty, who can read a story about how well Austin's progress with his knee injury and find instead of encouragement, something to wring hands about.

08-09-2008, 09:22 AM
I didn't read the thread that was linked to. I missed it.

I nominate that one for the Hall of Fame.

Thanks for so clearly articulating that pride we enjoy for being a small part of this whole experience.

Go Zags.

08-09-2008, 09:43 AM
Bringing in new players is art more than science and luck plays a bigger role than most coaches would like to admit. Talent is one thing but dozens of other factors also determine the level of contribution each new student athlete makes. Over the years I've seen far too many phenoms simply poop their pants while guys who were considered good solid average recruits rose to the top. Don't get too excited over this guy or that guy because we can only see 10% of what he is all about. Rather rest assured that the GU staff has obviously got some things figured out, they work very hard and sometimes they get lucky also by not getting their #1 target. In all likelyhood we will continue to have excellent basketball and that is a pretty damn good thing.

08-09-2008, 09:59 AM
Agreed, Hondo, about the luck part. But what happens when they get to GU is more important, far more important than "luck."

Player development ... What would have happened to an Adam Morrison or a Ronny Turiaf if he had played some place else? What are the chances Adam Morrison would have ended up Player of the Year or Co-Player of the Year Some place else?

The "family" aspect of the program is really important to me, and while it's clearly something that people like Meech talk about influencing them after their visits, it's the opportunity to get better, to get help to move on to the next level, that I believe matters most to the best of the best.

Is there any doubt that they can get that bootstrap up at Gonzaga?

How would CDC84 have us evaluate the significance of his post on the "Going to Hell in a Handbasket" thread:

Kenpom.com's D-1 offensive efficiency ranking for Gonzaga:

2007/08 = 39
2006/07 = 39
2005/06 = 1
2004/05 = 10
2003/04 = 8

The year Adam Morrison was the Player of the Year, the previous year when we still had Ronny, we had exceptional offensive efficiency rankings. The year after Adam left, our offensive efficiency ranking went down, and the following year, when we were plagued by injuries, it remained at 39. So what?

Even those two years, we were in the top eleven percentile in the nation, #39 out of 341 schools, in admittedly off-years. Our defensive efficiency rank last year was 33. 308 other teams out of 341 didn't perform as well last year as we did.