View Full Version : ...feeling overdosed on girl's basketball.

07-10-2008, 10:50 AM
I just returned from Oregon City's End-Of-Trail Tournament. I must say that I saw so many quality basketball games that I feel exhausted. I watched the Spokane Sandpipers, Spokane Stars, Ft. Worth Frog's(with tiny 4'11" Meagan Henson), Winston-Salem Stealer's 15 and 17 and many more teams. I guess I watched about 25 quality games in three days. I missed the championship games due to my need to return to Spokane a day early.

I saw very, many coaches. I saw most of the WCC coaches as well as our own GU coaching staff. I spoke with Jennifer Mountain (got a hug!), also our former Asst. Coach Payne has joined Jennifer at Santa Clara.:eek: I see Santa Clara getting much better for the future. I spoke with former GU Coach Towns, he's still coaching at Boise State. Oh, I almost forgot, I met ASSISTANT COACH MICHELLE ELLIOTT. My eyes saw her as a player but my brain knew she was a coach now. I am so proud of Michelle! :) I didn't see a listing for any representative's from Tennessee or UCON.

I thought the tournament was well run for such a large event. Carl did a great job.:clap:

07-13-2008, 01:00 AM
Whew. I'm tired just from reading your post.

Thanks for sharing. So much info!

Can't wait till this fall. It's going to be something special.