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07-09-2008, 12:01 PM
Rivals Story on Yahoo! Sports (free) (http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaab/news;_ylt=AvCptD4sdGwYv6bmIFGdhIvevbYF?slug=rivals-226266&prov=rivals&type=lgns)

I so often see a recruit list in an interview that one of his criterion in choosing a school is his ability to play immediately, so this story was interesting to me, with Lorenzo Romar saying, “I’ve never heard anyone who redshirted come back and say, ‘I wish I hadn’t redshirted.’ ”

Redshirting remains rare in college basketball

By David Fox, Rivals.com College Basketball Staff Jul 8, 9:00 am EDT

About two decades ago while an assistant at UCLA, Lorenzo Romar spoke to a junior in college who had redshirted as a freshman.

Romar asked him what he learned during the year away from competition.

The player was quick to respond that he redshirted because of an ankle injury, not because he couldn’t compete as a true freshman.

“He wanted to defend that he redshirted,” Romar said. “It was not the cool thing to do.”

Not much has changed in college basketball over the last 20 years. Redshirting freshmen for reasons other than injury or academic issues is rare, especially when compared to college football.

Only four members of the Rivals150 for the class of 2007 redshirted by choice – Washington forward Darnell Gant, Arkansas forward Michael Sanchez, Vanderbilt center Festus Ezeli and Montana forward Derek Selvig.

Unlike the player Romar encountered, they are unapologetic redshirt freshmen.

“I know I wasn’t good enough to play,” Ezeli said. “It doesn’t bother me. It’s the truth.”

Redshirting won’t become vogue in basketball anytime soon. Too many freshmen are ready to play as soon as they arrive on campus. They are recruited because they can make an immediate impact. In the 2007 Rivals150, a dozen players entered the NBA Draft after one season, 37 more started at least half of their teams’ games, and 77 were backups or part-time starters.

However, those who redshirted in 2007-08 stand by the experience. They say their playing time would have been limited. They believe they needed the extra seasoning or they simply would not have played at an acceptable level.

When Gant – a four-star prospect ranked 99th in the country – arrived on campus, Romar expected him to be a contributor immediately. With a couple of weeks before the Huskies’ first game, Gant stunned Romar by bringing up a redshirt season.

Gant was a lanky 6 feet 8, 200 pounds at the time. Practice and a brief exhibition season were wake-up calls for a forward who was confident he would make an impact right away.

“I was a frail guy but I still had that confidence that I could play with anybody,” Gant said.

The attention earned by contributing or starring as a true freshman can be an irresistible proposition for a prospect looking to make a name for himself.

Ironically, Gant’s decision not to play had much to do with ego, too.

“If I had played this year, then maybe along the line I would have been OK, but I wasn’t really into waiting like that,” Gant said. “I wouldn’t want to waste a year like that. I wanted to take the whole year off, work as hard as I can, and then the next year I would be ready to jump in the fire.”That sounds like a smart, mature young guy.

On the other hand, I noted a story on the HoopsReport.com (http://www.thehoopsreport.com/article.aspx?id=118) this morning where the author projected Jeff Taylor to start for Vanderbilt this fall. While I would have been surprised if he had been projected to redshirt, projecting two freshmen to start in this lineup? Wow.

The story's projected starting lineup:

PG: Jermaine Beal 6-3 Jr.
SG: Jeff Taylor 6-7 Fr.
SF: Lance Goulbourne 6-7 Fr. SF
PF: Andre Walker 6-7 So.
C: Andrew Ogilvy 6-11 So.

From the story:

Fortunately for coach Stallings, Vanderbilt hit the jackpot on the recruiting trail this season. Vandy landed the Rivals.com #15 recruiting class that features four top 100 recruits. Headlining this list are possible starters Lance Goulbourne and Jeff Taylor.

With the point guard and center positions locked up, you can look for these fab freshmen to step in as possible wing options for Stallings. Taylor appears to be the favorite to eventually make a run at the small forward position which would give Beal a dynamic offensive option. Taylor was also recruited by elite programs such as Gonzaga and Texas, but signed in the spring with Vanderbilt.
Finally, with the last piece of the recruiting puzzle this year, Brad Tinsley will likely be able to step in immediately as a reserve point guard that can slide up and play the off-guard position as well. With an attack featuring Beal and Tinsley in the backcourt, opposing defenses may struggle to adjust. Tinsley is not just a terrific passer, but has capable shooting abilities as well as a tendency to penetrate and carve up defenses.

With all of these freshmen stepping into immediate playing time, one must wonder if this team will be able to compete at the top of the SEC. Many feel that this group may be a year or two away and could suffer the fate of last season's Florida Gators. They have the talent to make a run at the NCAA tournament, but that inexperience may leave Kevin Stallings and his squad in the NIT.Here's a challenge for y'all: See if this thread can escape without a single anti-Romar snarky remark. Wait: let's soften that. How about making a rule that only snarky remarks made in pig-latin will be posted?

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I think LoRo is absolutely right! Brockman should transfer to GU, redshirt, and then see how much better he is his Sr. year.