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06-29-2008, 08:26 AM
Interesting story in San Bernadino's Press-Enterprise (http://www.pe.com/sports/breakout/stories/PE_Sports_Local_S_lakers_29.495b93b.html) about the Lakers' priorities in resigning Sasha Vujacic and Ronny. Ronny can start talking to other teams beginning July 1, and the first day of the signing period is July 9. Smart move for Ronny, having his contract end as the free agency market isn't very strong...

I love the pic of Ronny in the story.


Lakers' priority: Keep team together

12:32 AM PDT on Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

This week the Lakers and Clippers will enter the free-agent market, both teams shopping for players and looking to improve.

The problem is that this year's free-agent class is not considered strong. The only All-Star-caliber talent available is Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison, both of the Washington Wizards, and they will be commanding the kind of money that the Lakers and Clippers aren't expected to spend this summer.

The Lakers, who reached the NBA Finals for the first time since 2004, like their young team and aren't expected to make big changes. Their top priority is to re-sign two of their key backups, guard Sasha Vujacic and forward Ronny Turiaf, and the Lakers' course this summer largely "is going to depend on the progress we make with Sasha and Ronny," said General Manager Mitch Kupchak, who will begin negotiations Monday at 9:01 p.m., the opening of the free-agent period. Teams can start signing players July 9.

Because both Vujacic and Turiaf are restricted free agents, the Lakers can retain them by matching any offers they get from other teams.

Vujacic, 24 and coming off a career year in which he averaged 8.8 points and was eighth in the league in three-point shooting (43.7 percent), might get offers from $4 million to $5 million per year. He might be seeking as much as $5.8 million.

Turiaf, who's 25 and also had career highs in points (6.6) and rebounds (3.9), could command $3.5 million to $4 million.

"If we run into a roadblock and/or there is a prolonged period before they can make a decision, then you'll have to look in other directions," Kupchak said. "But right now, based on the free-agent market that's out there and our existing free agents, we think it's in our best interest to sign back our free agents.

"It's not a great group of players to choose from when you're comparing them against Sasha or Ronny. There's a couple of guys that may become free agents that are top-tier players, but they are going to be $10 million and above, and we can never sign them. We don't have the exception or the room."

The Lakers' payroll for next season is $75.1 million, with just 10 players under contract. If they re-sign Vujacic and Turiaf, the payroll will easily exceed $80 million.

The Lakers are over the salary cap, which is projected to be $57.1 million next season, and the threshold at which the luxury tax takes effect, projected to be about $70 million.

As a result, the Lakers have available to them only the midlevel exception (as much as $5.8 million), the biannual exception ($1.9 million) and the veteran's exception ($1.2 million) to sign players other than Vujacic and Turiaf. But Kupchak doesn't seem concerned.

"We feel if we bring those two players back and we get Trevor (Ariza) and Andrew (Bynum) back, we'd be happy going into training camp with that group," Kupchak said. Read the whole story here (http://www.pe.com/sports/breakout/stories/PE_Sports_Local_S_lakers_29.495b93b.html).

Previous thread about free agency watch for Ronny here (http://www.guboards.spokesmanreview.com/showthread.php?p=231036#post231036), which includes the itemization of the Lakers' payroll before July 1.

Fingers crossed for a nice deal for Ronny, with an early signing, preferably immediately after the opening of the signing period July 9. Going to even the $3 million bottom the range of salaries mentioned as possibilities for Ronny in that story would be a nice boost from his $770,000 salary for last year. I wonder what Ronny's agents are going for as a realistic deal.

06-29-2008, 12:03 PM
4 year 13 mil would be nice

Luke at the contract they gave luke walton, and brian cook before trading him. They have invested in their young players, and given them decent contracts.

They may be willing to pay more since they are in a serious hunt for a ring, and may not want to shake things up to much. They see how tight a unit the team became, and there is no doubt ronny played a huge role in that

06-29-2008, 01:33 PM
It has to be a real challenging decision for Ronny. I know he is thankful for how the Lakers have helped him out, and signing a new contract with the Lakers means winning a lot of games and contending for NBA titles. And that 13 mil over 4 years is tempting. However, he could play so many more minutes - maybe even start - if he signed with another team. He would probably have to put up with losing though.

06-29-2008, 02:10 PM
CDC, agree totally, we may not look at it the same way as someone who is actually having to decline an extra 2-3 million to stay with LA.

I know 13 is still a lot, but for most if not all of us, think of having 2 million dollars, its a lot to pass on

On the flip side, maybe with the increase of PT he will blossom as a player, and command a larger contract/extension when this one is up, thus offsetting the losses. If he sits on the bench in LA, he may not command as much.

06-29-2008, 04:35 PM
Here's a link (http://www.tsn.ca/nba/feature/?fid=11492) to a tsn.ca story with their ratings for the top 2008 free agents. Below is their list of the best free agent power forwards listed in order of tsn's rating, to which I added their 2008 salaries, ages, and ht/wt:

Player Name Rating Salary age Team Ht./Wt.
Antawn Jamison, UFA 88.25 16,360,094 32 Wizards 6'9",235 #
Josh Smith, RFA 80.11 2,243,543 22 Atlanta 6'9",235#
Elton Brand, UFA 77.71 5,344,000 29 Clippers 6'8,254#
Shawn Marion, ETO 77.28 16,440,000 30 Miami 6'7",230
Carl Landry, RFA 70.34 427,163 24 Houston 6'7,245#
Paul Millsap, RFA 58.83 687,456 23 Utah 6'8",258#
Ronny Turiaf, RFA 54.37 770,610 25 Lakers 6/10",250

TSN's footnote re: their ratings: Player ratings are meant to measure the overall impact of players and their effect on the game and incorporates the following statistics (on a per-game basis): points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, three-pointers as well as field goal percentage, free throw percentage and adjusted plus-minus. Players are graded out of 100, based on statistical production with the following guidelines for the rating:

100 and Up - All Stars/MVP candidates | 90-100 - Impact starters/possible All-Stars
80-90 - Impact starter
70-80 - Solid starter
65-70 - Solid rotation player/Marginal starter
60-65 - Adequate rotation player
55-60 - Marginal rotation player
55 and Under - Limited contribution
The Jazz just announced they would exercise their third-year option on Paul Milsap, so if I understand the rules correctly, he's off the table.

The tsn site has another list of all 2008 free agents, by team but not by position.

Any thoughts or observations?

06-29-2008, 10:45 PM
With bynum and gasol, plus odom playing some for Ronny may not want to sign with the Lake show. Gasol is only 27...

Bynum is young

It would be slim pickings for minutes. Ronny would have to hope that the lakers decide to play odom at three and go big, but they seemed to be most effective going small with odom at four or even sometimes Rad at the 4.

Tough choice for ronny and agent. I think playing in philly could get him some good money and playing oportunity. But he seems to like being on the lakers. Will he stilll like it if he is only playing four minutes a game?

06-30-2008, 08:27 AM
and a chance to win it all. Sound familiar ?

Ronny stays.

He can move on and command really big numbers when he works his own bugs out of his game. Meantime, he's with a contender, very comfortable and wanted.

Imagine if Ammo were under that kind of umbrella.

06-30-2008, 09:40 AM
I wonder what kind of endorsement deals Ronny has ... Even though he obviously isn't an all-star as a player yet, he's so darned engaging, I'd have to think there would be significant value in his public persona.

I also do wonder what he may do about playing for the French national team this summer. They didn't qualify for the Olympics, but this summer, the team will competing in the Eurobasket 2009 qualifying games. Ronny said recently he won't decide whether to play for France this summer until he signs his new NBA contract. Even after that, will he opt out of the French team this summer? Seems like it would be a good idea, just coming off an exhausting playoff series and that he'd be better off resting a good bit and then getting to work on his game.

From a recent story in connection with Kobe playing in the Olympics:

Besides Bryant and Gasol, Ronny Turiaf might play some international basketball for France and DJ Mbenga for Belgium.

The Lakers would rather their players rest, especially after Bryant played in 103 games this season, but management will back all of them.

"They are so gung-ho about it that I just have to allow them my blessing to play -- even though they know my feelings about it," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. "They know how we feel about their talents, that we want their talents to be used for the people that really pay their salaries, obviously. ... We just want them to play, not get hurt, come back to us healthy."

Tony Parker and Boris Diaw have already said they're not going to be playing for France this summer, preferring to rest, and Diaw said Phoenix' management was against it.

Without Diaw, Parker, and Ronny, I wonder what the chances are for France qualifying for Erobasket 2009, or, for that matter how big a deal it would be if France didn’t qualify. I just don’t know enough about International basketball. However, if the decision Ronny makes could affect France's chances not only for this year but for next year if they don't earn the bid this year, that would obviously be a tough test of his loyalties to his national team.

The good business decision would likely be to be able to assure his prospective employer he won't be risking injury and fatigue playing for his national team.

06-30-2008, 11:56 AM
GM Mitch Kupchak says he will call Sasha first, then ronny

He wants to re-sign both of them

They feel, as I do, that if ariza and bynum are healthy (along with everyone else) the team will be tough to stop.


06-30-2008, 04:44 PM
lakers extended a qualifying offer to both ronny and sasha to keep them a restricted FA

thus, if no teams offer anything, they will get a 1 year deal at 125% of their rookie contract (about 1 mil for turiaf)

07-01-2008, 10:31 PM
yeah i agree zagnut, especially if they can sign dick bavetta to another 20 year extension, he is just so valuable for them it would kill them to sign sasha and ronny but forget bavetta (2002 Western Conference Finals MVR).

07-02-2008, 12:51 AM
"They know how we feel about their talents, that we want their talents to be used for the people that really pay their salaries, obviously. ... We just want them to play, not get hurt, come back to us healthy."

Without the fans, there would be no money for anyone. Does Phil Jackson think money grows on trees?

07-02-2008, 09:33 AM
yeah i agree zagnut, especially if they can sign dick bavetta to another 20 year extension, he is just so valuable for them it would kill them to sign sasha and ronny but forget bavetta (2002 Western Conference Finals MVR).

Ahh yes, how could I forget. That was the third year in a row the lakers knocked the kings out of the playoffs en route to an nba championship?

Don't worry cair3, I will go to 2 kings games a year next year when I live in sac town. I will fit right in with the rest of the queens fans chanting MVP for Kobe

07-02-2008, 09:40 AM
" The Jazz contacted agent Mark Bartelstein about L.A. Lakers forward Ronny Turiaf and Memphis center Kwame Brown while also talking about Dallas' Devean George, Boston's James Posey and New Orleans' Jannero Pargo. "

It is a pretty even split in lakers land. Some are ready to give up on the 25 year old ronny, as they feel he has reached his potential, and short of his energy and personality, has little to offer the team.

Other want to keep him for the reasons many of us love the guy.

However, most are hesitant to give him any kind of big $$$