View Full Version : Zach Gourde - Keeping Tabs

06-24-2008, 09:30 AM
The Columbian story about D-Rav contained a blurb about Zach Gourde playing for Le Portel in France. I'd lost track of him, but that tip set me off to find him again.

Le Portel's Website - Team page: (http://www.essm-leportel.fr/essm-joueurs.html) There should be a scrolling bar with players' pics. Use the right arrow to scroll over to #13:


If you click on Zach's image in the row above the team pic, you can see his player page:


If you've forgotten what Zach looked like when he played for the Zags, maybe this would help:


No idea where I got that last pic .... Too bad. Looks like there'd be a good story behind it. We don't have nearly enough players anymore willing to go to any lengths to win, up to and including tackling refs.

I hope all those sports management majors who play for the Zags are taking all the foreign language classes they can while they're on campus. It's pretty obvious they may need to be fluent in at least a couple of them.

Hope you're well and happy, Zach!

06-24-2008, 11:07 AM
Actually saw Richard Fox picking up Zach at the airport a couple weeks ago...they had a little dog with them...cracked me up...these two bigs guys with this little dog on a leash.