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05-30-2008, 08:39 AM

Great story with quotes by Few and a little bit of a preview for the upcoming season

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...and that's why I love Andy Katz

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Great article, Theo! Thanks! Some excerpts here:

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Jeremy Pargo will find it very difficult to get a first-round guarantee.

And if that is truly his cutoff point, then he should -- and will -- go back to Gonzaga for his senior season.

But projecting what an early-entrant is going to do is hardly an exact science.

The difference here is that Pargo has a brother in the NBA (New Orleans guard Jannero Pargo) who is telling him he doesn't want Jeremy to go through the same arduous undrafted path to the league.

"He [Jannero] wants me to be smart about things,'' Pargo said at the Milk House on the campus of Disney's Wide World of Sports. "He doesn't want me to go through the same thing he went through.''

Pargo said he has nine workouts scheduled, which begin next week after the draft camp concludes. He has until June 16 to decide on whether or not to withdraw from the NBA draft.

All it takes is for one team to like you enough to get into the first round. But in an informal poll among a number of teams, Pargo's name isn't coming up as any kind of first-round lock.Go Jannero! And Jannero also participated in the Dickau classic here last summer, too! Maybe he'll be back this year.
"In all our discussions, and I don't want to speak for Jannero, but I feel we're on the same page. He needs to be a first-round pick,'' said Gonzaga coach Mark Few, who flew from Spokane to offer support to Pargo.

"But if he comes back [to school], he can be on a really, really good basketball team and be in a position to have a great year with a lot of attention. With the schedule we have and what he's done so far, [he has] a chance to be a first-team All-American,'' Few said.
Going back to Spokane, which Pargo said was a dramatic adjustment from Chicago (he went to Robeson High three years ago), isn't an issue. If he returns, he said he's going back to a top 10 team. He admits that it's a team that can be special, plays in a great atmosphere and has a coaching staff which he has bonded with well over the past three years.

Gonzaga won't wilt if Pargo does decide to skip his senior year. Few said that Matt Bouldin and Steven Gray can handle the ball and that incoming freshmen Demetri Goodson and Grant Gibbs were both recruited to be playmakers. "We'd be young, [but] not as good at the position because we'd be losing one of the best point guards in college basketball,'' Few said.
The feedback he has received from former Zags Morrison, Ronny Turiaf, Dan Dickau, Blake Stepp and Richie Frahm is that the collegial experience is missed.

And that's what Pargo will weigh: Whether to gamble on his future or take the sure thing at least for another year -- the chance to play in the cocoon of Gonzaga, where all is good for him.I assume he has workouts scheduled with the teams mentioned here (or are they just on his wish list?
So, as Pargo jets around to visit Boston, Toronto, New Jersey, Washington, Portland, Seattle, Cleveland, Memphis, New Orleans and maybe San Antonio, he'll know that he has a pretty solid safety net.
That's a really good column! Katz really knows the Zags. Read the rest of the column here (http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/columns/story?columnist=katz_andy&id=3418506).

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...and that's why I love Andy Katz