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05-13-2008, 05:53 PM
Most people don't know that John Stockton was not Gonzaga's first choice. Hondo remembers the name of the player that was highest on GU's wish list. Me, I have already forgotten. Stockton is probably the greatest example of how Plan B can sometimes be better than Plan A.

To a lesser degree, it was a tough loss for Few to lose Luke Ridnour to Oregon, but if Ridnour had chosen Gonzaga, Dan Dickau may have never come here.

I remember how much Few liked Brandon Roy and his game but Roy wanted to stay close to home, and while Erroll Knight was not quite Brandon Roy, the Zags did all right in that exchange.

I have forgotton the bigs Gonzaga kept missing on a few years ago but at the 11th hour word came out of Kansas that some Juco big looked pretty good and someone from the staff ought to check him out: JP Batista arrived on campus a couple months later. Not a bad Plan B.

There are other examples, to be sure. And don't get me wrong, not all Plan B's end up being better than Plan A's. Gonzaga has had its share of Plan B's that didn't perform nearly as well as its Plan A's. PMAC instead of Jordan Farmar is one of those. We can only hope Bol Kong turns out to be as good as Jeff Taylor (and Taylor King to an extent), or Mangisto Arop over the latter two if he was Plan B, which may or may not be true.

So if Tyler Honeycutt chooses elsewhere to play ball, as much as we'd hate to see that given the successes of Adam Morrison and currently Austin Daye as tall wings in Mark Few's system, there is always a Plan B (or two) --


"Plays kind of a point-forward type of game. Hes a very good passer with a nice feel for the game and he plays unselfishly. Hes also a very good athlete who can rebound, defend and handle. His outside shot is a work in progress and thats one area where he needs to improve. But his versatility and potential make him a very interesting prospect. Hes got an ideal body for a wing and he should be able to defend the two or three and possibly even some fours. Hes one of the best sleepers in the west and a definite high major prospect."

And while he had cruddy-looking Cactus Classic boxscores (save for rebounds and blocks) --


-- he might've gotten ill, been injured or simply had a bad tournament; it happens.

But you just never know which is truly best sometimes, Plan A or Plan B, until they play a year or two in college.

* He listed Gonzaga during a brief update on him while at the Cactus Classic.

05-13-2008, 06:05 PM
when Mario didnt work out, along comes Ronny? That worked out OK

05-13-2008, 06:11 PM
when Mario didnt work out, along comes Ronny? That worked out OK

Ten lashes to BZ for forgetting that Plan B. :o

05-13-2008, 06:11 PM
Here is a little more on Hill from a recent Scouts Inc update, its an Insider article so here are a few blurbs.

"He continues to demonstrate he's the best all-around player at both ends of the court for a very talented California Supreme team. He is the best passer, decision-maker and defender, and he is far from a finished product. He attacks the rim very well, but he favors finishing with his right hand far too often and really needs to be equally efficient with either hand. Secondly, his jump shot, which is more like a set-shot, needs to get much more consistent."

And this is from an evaluation in April
"I may be in the minority, but I feel Hill is climbing the recruiting charts quicker than any prospect thus far this spring. It's amazing how his game has transformed from a year ago. He used to be an undersized 5, but now he's blossoming into a legitimate Division I point forward. He has great size and length and he's one of the better passers on the West Coast. His handle has improved considerably since his sophomore campaign and he had a dribble drive (led to a thunderous baseline dunk) that was simply off the charts. Hill is a solid shooter, but the improvement of that one area will determine the level of Division I he'll play at."

Obviously the writers for scouts inc think he is a great player, and I have read many things that make me think he could be a steal for the Zags

05-14-2008, 12:25 AM
Davidson gave the champion Kansas team all they could handle in the most important of venues. So much for the 5 star rating system. A kid's development is a dynamic process. He can get worse, stagnate, get better, or completely blow up (ie. Curry). No one, however, claimed that the Davidson squad was a top 10 recruiting class.

I trust the coaching staff has an eye for bringing in the right players.....even after the elite schools have pilfered through the obvious choices. The Zag track record confirms it.

No worrys here.

05-14-2008, 04:59 AM
After reading all the posts on this thread before posting I find myself thinking this guy sounds like LG and there's no place on our roster for Larry so how would Hill benefit the Zags or how would we benefit him? Answers anyone?

Go!! Zags!!!

05-14-2008, 07:37 AM
After reading all the posts on this thread before posting I find myself thinking this guy sounds like LG and there's no place on our roster for Larry so how would Hill benefit the Zags or how would we benefit him? Answers anyone?

I was thinking the exact same thing. Very athletic, not the best shooter and that will dictate how his D1 career is. Finishes around the rim only with one hand. And plays great defense and is a heady defensive player. Even all the way down to their height and weight. I believe Hill is 6' 6'' 195 and LG is listed at 6' 5'' 199.

I guess the kicker is that this kid seems like Larry right now and he is a rising senior in high school. Maybe with another year of high school basketball and a summer of solid training he can morph his shooting and finishing ability but until then bigblahla is right, he sounds just like Larry.

05-14-2008, 09:11 AM
Solomon Hill, SF, California Supreme
Event Stats: 7.0 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1.2 spg

Don't let the low scoring average fool you. Hill was the most valuable player on his team with his impressive versatile play.

Besides being a beast in the paint and leading his team in rebounding, Hill also is a steady ball handler for his squad. Besides creating plays with his ball handling in the open court, Hill also displayed an intriguing ability to attack the basket with a quick first step and then find the open man on the perimeter with a kick-out pass.


BZ: In Few's system, offense is at a premium. I'm sure with LG fresh in their minds, if a prospect shows an inability or just a difficult time scoring, the staff will likely go a different direction.

Honeycutt is clearly Priority #1 but the competition for him will be tough and Hill could be #2. It might be someone else, too. :)