View Full Version : '08-'09 Schedule looking very balanced

05-12-2008, 11:53 AM
The ooc schedule is shaping up nicely...

1. Tennessee (home)
2. Virginia (away)
3. Wyoming (away)
4. Wyoming (home)
5. Montana (away)
6. Utah Valley State (home)
7. South Dakota State (home)
8. Utah (away)
9. UW (away)
10. Marquette (away)
11. Montana State (home)
12. Portland State (home)
13. St. Joe's (home)
14. UC-Santa Barbara (away)

That's not all of them, and exact dates have not been set yet, but there will be seven home ooc games, seven away ooc games and two ooc games on neutral courts. Fifteen of the ooc foes were top-200 RPI last season. And yes, we'll play Wyoming twice, home and away.

Also, unrelated but just as important: There's a chance Michelle Elliott will be the next assistant coach under Jodie and Lisa, but it's far from confirmed, only speculation at this time.